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Sexual life is undeserved 8 problems that cause

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The love that is permeated with in sexual activity process, affectionate, attaching, tender, share, also can produce very good sense, however undeserved means or behavior can cause such and such problem, had been you encountered?

1. convulsion reachs ache. The commonnest is the muscle convulsion of the side outside the ham when sexual intercourse or crus, namely common says " jerky " . The account that produce may be too as poignant as movement of the  when sexual life reach muscle excessive drawing is concerned.

2. is allergic to sexual life. Naboshitong is opposite Dai Baiwen of professor of department of gynaecology and obstetrics of college of medicine of new York university too much exemple sexual life is allergic person make examine bring up the rear point out: Allergic happening is most because be mixed to frost emulsion,be incommensurate to other contraceptive and medicaments, female regular meeting feels the vagina is prickled, burn. So allergy is not allergic to sexual behavior itself really. Once have allergic reaction, and so on of agent of the liquid that usable water, wet towel or paper towel obliterate or lavement eliminate remains, frost, wash a Wen Shuiyu next.

3. uses contraceptive those who provide slide. Almost all married person the accident that has experienced safety to cover burst or contraceptive diaphragm to slide. Produce such job complete need not nervous, right way is: The profess to convinced inside 72 hours prophylactic of two after the event; If install complete set to fall off,be inside the vagina, need to hold its root ministry to be dragged gently only can.

4. is cervical and aching. Cervical muscle inflexible or it is to pull pull incidental sprain, can twist to be surrounded in the neck with a towel all round, fasten two end, will prop up the head to reduce sarcous burden.

Contraceptive diaphragm takes 5. not to come out. Rotate usually contraceptive diaphragm is easy like wearing bootlace. But compare violent sexual act to be able to push contraceptive diaphragm sometimes to in, as a result is taken out hard. To this, the way that wholesome scientist recommends is: Take crouch, next screen lives breathing systole is abdominal, contraceptive diaphragm can be pushed to come outwards the seat that can get quite, oneself take out its.

6. back sprain. Whatever reason or pose cause back ache, answer to suspend sexual activity instantly. Normal sexual life is not due aching. The backache in sexual life sees more at back flesh group relative to frailer woman, the processing technique is instantly side of bend one's knees lies, a pillow is put between two genu, local cold compress.

7. sexual life is excessive the trouble that cause -- uric road infection. This is a common problem. Say commonly, amount to 4-5 every week second or every time the time of sexual life is too long calculate in " excessive " , excessive sexual life causes a bacterium to invade urethral bladder of very consummate travel, cause uric road infection.
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