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Modernistic pestiferous research reports

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The gender is pestiferous (STD) be basically be contacted one group by sexual behavior or the contagious disease of the health of body and mind of serious harm crowd that contact of similar sexual behavior is main transmission way, include before so called venereal and main it is to point to syphilis, clap, soft chancre, reach venereal sex lymphatic granulation is swollen wait for 4 kinds, also say classical and venereal, STD still includes: Pelvic infection of vaginitis of sex of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of AIDS, blame, bacterium, venereal sex, acuteness is wet disease of bacterium of beads of bleb of verrucous, genital, vagina, crab louse disease, infectivity is soft verrucous, hepatitis B more than kinds 30, its are ill many kinds, incidence of a disease is high, the harm is great, already became cosmopolitan serious society problem and communal and wholesome issue, be considered as the main disease that endangers crowd health now.

One, infect a source

Venereal patient reachs his to basically infect a source the person that cause of disease is carried is STD. They are contacted through substantivity or other sexual behavior affects another person. Venereal patient has typical symptom, body ask forring, in genital scathing place forms the peculiar pathological change that contains pathogen: Mucous membrane pathological changes appears the shallow inflammation that express a gender, reach pathological changes of mucous membrane deep to form erosion and ulcer, the surface contains the secretion of a large number of pathogen. But can the patient that is able to discover in time is minority only, most patient or because do not go,see a doctor or because be leaked examine, fail to report sth, by accident examine and was not discovered in time. Especially those symptoms not typical or the person that the patient that does not have apparently clinical symptom and its cause of disease are carried is easier by oversight, or because of undetected, or Yinbuken go to a doctor, or because of close and do not accuse a gender to accompany and was aware of by person place, become most dangerous contagion source.

The tall danger crowd of STD includes a few more following, they are main contagion source source.

1, the main reason that hooter hooter walks the street is STD popularity. The hooter is engaged in often walking the street because of its the activity often is affected, a large number of pathogen are contained inside reproductive path, appear to apparent symptom, body is asked for and come on after some infection, also some does not appear symptom, and become more dangerous contagion source.
2, the gender is random person teenage maiden sex is random person, divorcee, hobo, long-distance driver, purchase bagman, special service personnel, homecoming service personnel the person that wait for sexual chaos is much, infection chance is much also.
3, dope especially vein drug addiction person it is the person that AIDS and hepatitis B basically are affected.

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