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Communication of sex of husband and wife must not enter red light

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Since reforming and opening, sexual life knowledge also got more extensive gain ground, the article of the respect such as skill of concerned sexual life or book everywhere are visible, liberate emancipatory people from sexual ignorance, devouringly is absorbing the nutrition of this respect, make the quality of sexual life of domestic husband and wife had be improved greatly and rise.

But also appeared at the same time the phenomenon of go to extremes, the practice that certain sexual intercourse sheds, appeared because of taking too intense purpose sex disharmonious phenomenon, make not know what to do of a few husband and wife walked into the error of sexual communication, what affected sexual life quality instead is farther rise.

So, be necessary to remind go-between of encircle a city, pay attention to the means method of sexual communication, do not enter the red light of deflection extreme.

One of, sexual communication should see time guard the threshing floor close. In undertaking, compare notes and experience of the content '> sexual love that some husband and wife think to loving, affected sexual on the rails instead, when enjoying pleasure, the spouse puts forward a problem to may make good mood suffocate suffocate, especially the male can get bigger impact, feel disappointed and eventually. Return some husbands or wife not to see time situation, when eating a meal or doing chore, think of to want to discuss sexual issue with respect to the mouth, make the partner that doing other business is accepted hard, give birth to allergy suddenly, good intention is maleficent.

Secondly, the content of sexual communication cannot incessant. The relation between the men and women can maintain certain enthusiasm, if have,one of its elements are be like the secret touch that not have, add the rate that gets education and long-term since formation inherent idea, certain problem good query is bad however to reply, bad perhaps to use verbal expression, stop where it should stop also should notice between reason utterance.

Thirdly, sexual communication should not involve firm illicit issue. Sexual life is selfish, should not examine minutely whether the spouse has had other sex associate, or it is the parallel rate that wants a spouse to speak sexual life hard the problem of dictum, husband and wife should be waited for sincerely, but also can have certain privacy, do not examine minutely the spouse's sex is experienced especially, speaking out bilateral metropolis is not flavor.

Its 4, sexual intercourse sheds ceaseless broaden the scope. The thing that sexual love should be him husband and wife, even if be parents,the detail that avoid by all means lives husband and wife tells or most the friend that be close friends, otherwise once produce what thing, the its broaden the scope of privacy of husband and wife, the spouse won't excuse the other side absolutely. Still have even if cannot to experience a gender experience and seek partner of the sex outside marriage, one lose one's footing can become through the ages to hate.

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