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Erect the size of angle and sexual life

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Not long ago, have 25 years old of men come round to beg examine, when saying sexual intercourse, his penis is in after entering female vagina, always feel ache is borne hard, produce coital difficulty thereby. Penis of his an account in one's own words erects normal, angle big, hardness is tall, so not obvious question goes where.

Via checking author discovery, original, his penis is stuck to abdomen apparently after erect, its glans and abdominal distance do not exceed 10 centimeters, and want only be far from abdomen a little a bit, can feel exceeding and unwell with ache. Result, look be like erect strongly disturbed normal sexual relationship.

Actually, abdomen of the press close to after male penis erects is normal phenomenon, there is 40 about between both, 50 degrees of horn, cater to with female vagina trend thereby, convenient have sexual activity. After entering senile phase, this one angle can be chased increase 90 degrees or so, but enough rigidity can be kept after wanting to erect only, won't affect sexual activity normally.

But Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. . Resemble this youth such, the penis is beyond the mark abdomen of press close to, can affect its territory instead. Normally, disease causes this, fiber of white film of body of patient penis sponge is added thick, cause turn of side of phallic the reverse side. Congenital penis is painful, dangerous ligament is too short create this problem possibly, can solve through small operation, successful rate is very high. Because encounter this kind of problem when, need microscope penis to hang the position of ligament, so proposal patient sees a doctor to major male division

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