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Infecund follow to be concerned without orgasm?

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Jinan at the lady: I and man get married 3 years, do not have the child on the bosom all the time, originally I also was not cared about, the heart wanted to have unripe, it is better to was not conceived, pain of so as to save goes using contraceptive, can be now I very the evidence that wants the child to not was pregnant all the time however. After-thought our sexual life, seem to never had experienced the orgasm of the summit summit happen frequently that says on the book, whether do this cause my infecund cause namely excuse me?

Dong Xieliang teachs: Orgasm and infecund have nothing to do. To infecund, the couple after marriage lives together 2 years not pregnant calls former hair sex infecund disease, should the examination that as soon as possible has normative science.

The woman should make following inspections: In menstruation the 3rd day, undertake endocrine level determines (include corpus luteum to generate element, follicular stimulation element, female level of ketone of the 2 alcohol, progestational hormone, element that urge breast, spermary determines) ; In menstruation clean 3 ~ 5 days, travel uterus oviduct is iodic oily radiography, whether does antrum of palace of can reliable report have adhesion, tubal whether unobstructed, spermatozoon of that is to say has with the road of ovum encountering trouble-free, the uterine state of be pregnant with how; In menstrual metaphase namely the 12nd ~ 16 days between, travel B exceeds determine follicular development state of affairs, it is 19 × normally 25 millimeter, ply of the film inside the uterus is 9 ~ normally 13 millimeter, if have,different often can affect conception.

The man should examine seminal case. Below normal circumstance, seminal quantity is 2.5 milliliter ~ 6 milliliter, liquefacient time should be 1 hour in, spermatozoon density every milliliter not less than 2 ten million, spermatozoon activity rate is not less than 60 % , class A spermatozoon and B class spermatozoon are not less than 50 % , abnormal spermatozoon should 20 % of ≤ , seminal leucocyte.

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