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For many times orgasm is right female advantages and disadvantages
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Orgasm is the instinct of a kind of human body that pass long-term biology evolution and arises. Human body nature is capable to start what assume orgasm reaction. So, orgasm reaction was not damaged to female health, modernistic science studies the result makes clear, orgasm can improve the functional position of the body, be helpful for health of body and mind.

If make love for many times everyday, and when making love every time, the female reacts without the gender or the gender reacts very faint, although the time is more, also do not have too big impact to the body, it is the physical stimulation that the vagina experienced phallic pass in and out several times only just. If can achieve orgasm every time, it is commonly after orgasm 20 to the body such as hyperaemia of the pelvic cavity inside 30 minutes reaction nature is met progressively subsidise, the body restores at ordinary times condition. If after this starts orgasm again, also won't have any adverse effects to the body. If make love every time,female sexual desire is aroused adequately, enter platform period and if cannot achieving orgasm, time of chairman of pelvic cavity hyperaemia exists, about 4 to subsidise of 6 hours of ability, as time passes, cause long-term pelvic cavity possibly to congest even gore, generation issues abdomen dropping to bilge feeling, ache or dysmenorrhoea.

Anyhow, if everyday for many times sexual life, the female that always be in platform period only and cannot achieve orgasm just may cause pelvic cavity gore, right healthy have adverse effect; And fall in other condition, although every time of day sexual life is more, also won't cause apparently adverse effect to health. And right everyday for many times the concern of sexual life or scared psychology, create sexual function and sexual mentality possibly unusual, it is more harmful to health of body and mind.

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