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Feel where most " quality " act vigorously!
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There is not little cheerful place on our body is had been not developed or of turn a blind eye to, the cheerful point that emphasizes here is possible because of exposed to the open air very less or be being caressed, so quite sensitive to caressing!

1, gentle massage breast can have intense and cheerful with sexual desire.

2, the tit caresses respond to tenderness, increase sexual excitement.

3, lip and mouth are very sensitive to feeling, can increase sex appeal.

4, massage meeting issueing an abdomen to have loosen the effect, elevatory sex reaction and expect.

5, massage ham inside is divided but outside insecurity of slow down sex, still can help sex appeal fluent.

6, feeling earlobe can communicate sexy stimulation very quickly to reach cheerful.

7, caressing nape can arouse very intense gender excitement.

8, stroke gently alar the inside of the upper arm that reachs softness, can feel very happy.

9, hip is very sexy, to powerful massage respond.

10, the groin ministry that stands by sexual organs is quite sexy place.

11, genu (knee is rear) the massage to gentleness and touch touch sensitivity very tall also.

12, abdomen of foot of massage stimulation Mu, can spark sexual reaction of the whole body.

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