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Make love close an eye for where kind?
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There are a lot of people in the life often the thing of turn a blind eye to, hear others to mention only, just feel to have its thing if really. A male says in the letter: "I like to make love below faint light. I discover in this kind of moment, my wife seemed to change an individual, become more beautiful than before. I love to look very much. Additionally I still have a discovery, it is I see her, she does not see me however, closing an eye all the time.
She what is this to thinking?

Should say above all, after the female enters sexual excitement phase, blood stream can be accelerated, endocrine also can act well, blush can appear on the cheek consequently, the skin also can become luster and rich flexibility, plus the mental coruscate of female oneself, natural meeting appears than a few more good-looking at ordinary times.

So, why does this wife always love to close an eye?

This is a new topic. In sexual health the discovery in seeking advice, the man is willing pie-eyed see a woman, it is to get a visual sense not just those who go up is cheerful, mainer is to watch the reaction that appears on feminine face, the action that decides oneself with this is significant, what so that get the satisfaction of mentally and spirit from which,go up is happy. And the woman has been in when sexual life, most person always is willing to shut the eye come (we do not eliminate now and then the case that opens an eye) , although sexual life ends hind very long period of time, also not be willing to be opened. Why is the female opening an eye to look at sexual spouse to make love with the male? Here edge has secret additionally apparently.

Be sure friend of a lot of audience wants to know this among them secret at the moment.

If audience friends are medium,somebody is interested in this problem, might as well think back to lifecycle of oneself whole individual character. Be in usually, all movements in this process are finished by the male, consequently the male besides should be in this above outside arduous gas, even give a little attention to goes collecting the feedback that comes from the other side, so that be made to oneself behavior,adjust. Under photograph comparing, the responsibility that woman place bears is about small much, they are completely OK put oneself idea on psychological activity completely, will experience and enjoy sexual feeling. Since want to pursuit is experienced and be enjoyed, still close an eye of course better.

Although the female is closing an eye in this moment, but the activity in the heart also did not stop momently however. Such OK also saying, because do not need too much behavior investment in the female in sexual life, what just promoted their psychology activity is active. Of course, in this kind of moment, their imaginary content won't not concern completely with the sexual life that having, but since be an imagination, repeat objectively it won't be reality, be opposite however actual beautification, for instance, the environment when making love not beautiful, they can imagine themselves however below Bai Yun of place oneself blue sky; The start of the other side is very not good, they can imagine they are done so that mesmerize by those movements however; The mood when living sexual life is bad, they can imagine him humor is very good however; They can suffer in sex appeal even below general situation, him imagination had gotten huge is satisfied. Since the imagination is like this magical function, why to open an eye even? If open an eye, good imaginary world is destroyed by reality, not be big unpleasant!
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