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Should when making love, talk after all?
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"When making love, should talk after all? " this resembles is to asking: "When enjoying cate, should sound " same.

Once heard a quite interesting real story from friend body, when she says she makes love with the boy friend every time, resemble performing a lively broadcast theatrical work, although make love every time movement and gesture are similar, but clever clever in these two sex talents, the story aside that performs every time can be completely different! The likelihood is today " Shan Ling killer " style of abnormal type mad cruel; 180 degrees of change will be the likelihood tomorrow " pattern time " the implicative tender feelings in, do not have a play completely the extemporaneous show of according to tacit understanding, quite mad!

Another happens in the example on my classmate body, can serve as draw lessons from.
That is her first time and the male friend at that time are contacted intimately, when her after the shirt unlock the male friend with slender bodily form, see the rib with an apparent platoon, cannot help taking off a mouth: "You are very thin! " do not have expect male friend to sink on the spot next faces, silent as the grave buckle a button to rise and go. She just knows male friend later most those who abstain from is people says he is tight, because he thinks,thin man is done not have manful.

Actually, this conversation, although be an automatical thing, but some circumstances, still should be in this pour exhortation into sb's ear, offer a few Good Ideas that make a man intimate know those, woman to emerge victorious in every battle!

○ state one: Breath out slowly... silent still be gold

1, atmosphere as it happens or temperature just heated up: At this moment unless you have dye-in-the-wood if holding your place to say, have add lukewarm effect, otherwise ogle is enough.

2, two people are first time: Unless you had been familiar with very much it is the be fond of of the other side, clear to feel his disposition, otherwise rushed mouth says some of what the other side to be met probably incommensurate, although you are to want to make atmosphere a few more relaxed, play bad possibility or meet more deadlocked just.

3, have bad breath or just ate garlic: This kind of circumstance I suggest you brush my teeth first! If hinder really at real factor unalterable current situation, be about to shut up of course, otherwise, choke with resentment hold back reachs your partner the face is hoar, protect dare not do with you next time definitely.

○ state 2: The move that fasten hold back does not say... of meeting internal injury

1, love should leave in the mouth in the heart: If be done more,love each other more, who says have to hold back is worn? Do at the same time say at the same time " I discover I love you more and more, because I like the sense that makes love with you very much... " be to you can make feeling further upward?
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