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Should when making love, talk after all?
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2, very when bright: Can say " ah... very comfortable oh... " " day ah! My fast is washed-up... " wait for fine words or praise should say in time, need not implicative, what is the other side just also can understand what you need.

3, by when lane is painful: How need not say at that time! Do not subdue oneself, expressive sense of reality suffers ability to make him a few tenderer, perhaps let him know you do not like why to be planted pose, how is sex character interactive come out, have right to speak absolutely.

Should when making love, talk? Inspect a condition please and decide, rely on brain judgement. However no matter not have why, remember please -- word of much plead for mercy for sb, say less " v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates " oh!

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