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Make love what did the man use up
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Red net reports, healthy man ejaculates to shoot the seminal fluid that 5 milliliter control about. Modern medicine discovers to seminal analysis, in the seminal fluid of this a few milliliter, surviving about 200 million right-and-left spermatozoon. The result that biochemistry analyses is, seminal 98% it is moisture, the others is made an appointment with 2% it is protein and ribonucleic acid, still have few microelement, be like zinc.

These numbers come out, we can discover, the stuff that the man loses in one-time life is too negligible really. Hit an example to say, shoot essence of life and the nutrition that spit a saliva place to lose almost equal. Never hear of spat a buccal water to be able to be caused " kidney is deficient " or need " into fill " .

Somebody talks about sexual life from another angle the harm to the male, it is sexual activity can consume physical power. Advocate in this " life moves namely " in time, this kind of view appears absurd and funny especially. Have likewise when anything crops up good truer person has done a test, the sexual life that discovers enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained and middling speed ride a bicycle one kilometer about the quantity of heat that the distance of two stations road of the bus uses up is about the same. On this heavenly body, estimation everyday know exactly about sth with on two wheel that the man of ten million plan sits in the bicycle " consume physical power " , believe this and did not make their health is allowed why to be damaged, increased the vigor of their body and spirit possibly instead in fact.

The meeting after why that makes love is very tired that: Since sexual life is one kind " activity " , need the support of energy, this is without doubtful point. No less than dances, take a walk, like swimming, should consume certain energy and physical power. Sexologist points out, one middleaged man is average and weekly two sexual life, begin to arrive to orgasm from sexual excitement every time, bits 16 minutes many more average. Connect from the each other of genital official actually the arrival that touchs orgasm, need the left and right sides ten minutes only.

Press above number statistic, 0.3% the time that a middleaged man lives with Yu Xingsheng every week is daily activity only. The energy that athletic place wastes is decided by working time and intensity. Orgasm time is very brief, and lifecycle of whole individual character also has 10-15 only minute, so sexual life is when occupying, do not grow, forcibly measurable and the activity that separates nevertheless. Consequently, sexual life won't waste vast physical power and overmuch energy. Aeromedicine home undertakes contrasting study to air man, the air man that counteracts wife pass the night in the home and the amount that in the airport the air man of single pass the night finishs same job and quality are consistent. Of course, what should point out is, a few man indulges in sensual pleasures excessive, coital frequency is exorbitant, some has the sexual life outside incontinent marriage even. This is very harmful, answer to exercise restraint in time, clean body self-love.
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