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Female also conduce " quality " cookbook
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Have a such shocking numbers: The occurence rate of female frigidity is 30 % about - 40 % , that is to say, every 3 females have a frigidity.

The reason that a lot of females wait for as a result of fitness, the sexual life after marriage is cooler. To this appropriate " inside and outside cooperates " , before the attention makes love " preparation and revulsive " , can try a few females to aid sexual food at the same time.

The female aids sexual cookbook to be as follows:

1. Pig kidney 2, medlar 30 grams, raise pig kidney muscle film, section, boil boiling water together into medlar, flavor edible.

2. Aweto 5 ~ 10, male duck. Will male duck goes flix is splanchnic, abluent, put arenaceous bowl or inside aluminous boiler, join condiment of green of aweto, salt, ginger a few, add water to be stewed with small fire cook over a slow fire, ripe sodden can.

3. Saline cistanche 15 grams, water simmer in water goes broken bits takes juice, with hotpot, rice each 100 grams are boiled together, fleshy ripe Mi Kaishang is stiff, add green, ginger, salt to boil moment, cold winter edible.  

4. Spadger 2, go wool and splanchnic, put dodder, medlar each 15 grams, thoroughly cook castration to feed the flesh to drink boiling water in all.  

5. Medlar 30 grams, dove 1, go wool and splanchnic hind put right amount water is added inside stewpan, lie between water to stew ripe, eat the flesh to drink boiling water.

6. Cock, go splanchnic, cheer in putting bowl with a few salt, fry ripe, royal bowl adds alcoholic drink of polished glutinous rice 500 grams, lie between water steam cooked food to use.

7. Freshwater shrimp 250 grams, leek 100 grams, abluent, cut paragraph hind, fry freshwater shrimp with vegetable oil stir-fry before stewing first, the condiment such as boil yellow rice or millet wine, soy, vinegar, Jiang Pian, rejoin leek stir-fry before stewing is fried, tender ripe can edible.

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