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The time of sexual life ought to appropriate
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Sexual time, without certain level. Usually, the men and women has been in when sexual life, begin to hold ejaculation end from bilateral sex excitement, duration is 5-15 about minute. Of course, habit of the body state of every pairs of husband and wife, sexual life each are not identical, it is every pairs of husband and wife, the particular case that lives sexual life every time and ambient conditions are not identical also, accordingly, every time the duration of sexual life after all how long talent is suitable, and the level with exact neither one.

But having a bit is affirmation, the time of one-time life lasts very long, bilateral to husband and wife body is adverse. When having sexual life, not only bilateral sexual organs is in high hyperaemia condition, and from the gender excitement period arrives climax period, a lot of organizations of the body also participated in process of this one special physiology, if the heartbeat is accelerated, elevatory, breath deepens blood pressure accelerate, sweat of dilate of systemic skin blood-vessel, platoon increases etc, accordingly, in this one process, the energy of airframe is used up increase apparently, metabolization increases. If every time the time of sexual life lasts very long, can make the energy of human body is used up overmuch and your person feels fatigue, appear even spirit listless, whole body ache of lack of power, muscle unwell, influence the following day the job and life.

In the meantime, sexual life time is too long, return what can increase all sorts of diseases to produce odds. Had been in when sexual life, bilateral sexual organs leaves intimate contact and activity in high hyperaemia condition, if time is too long, the female causes secrete make water more easily to fasten infection, menstruation to wait mussily, the male causes the disease such as prostatitis easily. Visible, sexual life time is too long, do not have benefit to human body, accordingly, the time that those think sexual life lasts is longer, jump over can acquired character is contented, also be to human body useful perspective cannot be taken.

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