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Sexual intercourse is painful it is how to return a responsibility
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In sexual intercourse uncomfortable to some women, can become can't bear bearing. This kind uncomfortable perhaps have a few kinds of such reasons: (1) maiden: Without the woman that has made love, hymen is complete perhaps, did not crack caustic. When beginning sexual intercourse a few times, can slight ache or particle bleed, that is the Hymen when be being inserted because of the penis burst or fall off cause. Need not be anxious. Hymen of a few woman is hard, need becomes surgical operation. (2) vaginal convulsion: This is a kind opposite for scarcer disease. When the penis should be inserted, the muscle near the vagina produces convulsion. Remedial method is, the woman is through practicing for some time below the situation that does not produce muscle convulsion, first a finger, insert two fingers again next oneself vagina. The man also can help her be done so. When when woman confidence is dye-in-the-wood, have sexual intercourse smoothly.

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