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Is senile vagina dry how to do?
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Is senile vagina dry how to do? Be aimed at the phenomenon with senile woman dry vagina, hormone replaces therapeutics to be able to make their genital atrophy stops, exciting vagina secretion, important is the refreshment that conduces to normality activity. The simplest way that changes as genital of the woman after the doctor can monitor menopause, nothing is more... than uses vaginal atrophy index (see subordinate list) , it is OK very the devoid level that evaluates estrogen conveniently, also can use evaluation woman genital to replace the reaction of therapeutics to estrogen.
Estrogen also has the effect of promotional sex interest and sexual satisfaction rate, make sexual function of the woman gets overall improvement. A company produces Holand contain female, pregnant and hero the medicaments of 3 kinds of sex hormone, but safety is chosen.
Actually lubricant is very effective, very very safe, convenient settlement the measure of this one problem, won't disturb the normal physiology environment that female reproduction, get broad in the welcome of senile woman.

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