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Mental health should take the gender seriously
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Quality mental health, it is the main component of mental health of male and female. Sexual psychology is the psychological activity that shows the mankind concerns a gender. Sexual psychology sends the maturity of Yo as one individual physiology and developing, as human sex idea evolve and perfect ceaselessly. A lot of elements can affect sexual psychology activity, the position that if people is right,retentive relation, sexual life answers to be occupied in whole life place between the condition of the manner of the opposite sex, choose idol, view to marriage, husband and wife.

How to realize a gender mental health, should understand the scientific knowledge of concerned sex more above all, this is a gender the healthy foundation with necessary mental health. Understand sexual knowledge, familiar sex reaction is very important one link. Understanding sexual knowledge is body and mind of stimulative men and women the key of normal growth. Be in our country, as a result of sexual knowledge gain ground still far under the developed country, a lot of little male girls are very peripheral to sexual understanding, be in sexual blind condition even.

Psychology of sex of male and female is put in a few difference is objective existence, suffer the effect of the element of social environment, family, element such as physiology difference, but should notice to cannot suffer male honour female low is feudal of the thought manacle, the female should change the past passive in bisexual relation, appurtenant, cannot have individual desire get the wrong idea that manacle.

Had healthy sexual mentality, ability establishs correct choose to be watched occasionally, young men and women can attract the couple between each other anything but as the reason that should marry. How does marriage hind acquire sexual life of harmonious and consistent husband and wife, very as close as psychological element also, the each other between husband and wife respects each other love, equal photograph is waited for, mutual and considerate, the psychological condition with cooperate be harmony of sexual life of husband and wife very fundamental each other. The requirement of connubial both sides to sexual desire and those who enjoy sexual desire is contented the right with sexual pleasure is equality, not be one-sided, just cannot be subject to another more.

Strengthen pair of popular sex knowledge and sex mental hygiene education is very important, want to make people realises sexual desire is not elementary indecent, it is physiology demand of the person, but should restrain oneself with socialistic morality, civilization, do not suffer sexual freedom, sex to liberate affect and go going after sexual excitement to dally with the opposite sex. Everybody should be restricted normatively by social ethic and law.

Want to make everybody gets sexual education, make everybody has good sexual knowledge; Do not have the undeserved mood that creates as a result of fear and ignorant place to the gender; Sexual behavior is to accord with humane; Can accomplish in sexual respect " self-fulfilment " ; Can make the decision of concerned sex respect responsibly; Can better land obtains the information communication of concerned sex respect.
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