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How inchoate discovery spermary cancer

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Tong Mou, 38 years old, middle school teacher. Come nearly one year left spermary increases, without painful without urticant. Pee will be occasionally aching, hold a spermary in the palm to have heavy feeling with the hand. Spermary of nearly two months increases apparent. Left spermary is like egg size, in the wife urgent below, he is checked to the hospital, be by diagnose spermary cancer, already was terminal. Spermary cancer is one kind removes disease to hide, the spermary of illness in a extremely dangerous state is intumescent sexual disease, see more at 20 ~ 45 years old in young man, once come on, if be treated not in time, can diffuse very quickly move, endanger life. Accordingly, inchoate discovery adopts active remedy is the crucial place that cures spermary cancer. Spermary tumour is admittedly abhorrent, but as long as inchoate discovery and adopt active and effective remedy, can cure for the most part. Accordingly, young man should enhance the consciousness that prevent disease in, raise vigilance, once discover the following and special sign, should go up in time hospital inspection. ① spermary is intumescent. This is tumor cell overflow the result with a large number of everlasting proliferous breed. Intumescent appearance is inhomogenous, sometimes very irregular, it is OK to give birth to a side spermary that has tumor intumescent and outstanding apparent all the more. ② spermary quality of a material is solid. Spermary of the feeling that use a hand resembles rock record, character is very strong, the spermary when this and common spermary produce inflammation shows uniformity strut and character softer have notable difference. Although spermary is very hard, but by ache is not had when feeling, this and orchitis also are different. ③ spermary is heavy feeling. Because spermary tumour is tumor cell grows in great quantities,form, it is bump of a materiality so, after growing to certain level, the weight of spermary is added suddenly, the patient can have heavy straining feeling, affect even walk. If use a hand to hold a spermary in the palm, be just as holding stone in the palm general, have certain weight feeling. ④ is pervious to light the experiment is electronegative. When general scabbard film accumulates fluid, what scrotum reachs spermary is pervious to light the gender increases, pervious to light the experiment shows masculine gender. And spermary tumour grows compactly solid, the liquid is not had inside, pervious to light quality greatly abate. Should appear when afore-mentioned symptoms, clutch make a diagnosis and give treatment, must not conceal one's fault for fear of criticism, illness of incur loss through delay. Because spermary tumour has many be be changed by cryptorchidism and come, the person that suffer from cryptorchidism, although had applied the operation is treated, but still can be damaged because of spermary sometimes or depauperate, still aggravation becomes the possibility of spermary tumour, should take the clues of spermary tumour seriously more so.

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