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Summer needs to prevent scrotal skin disease

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Male scrotum position concealments, the skin is delicate, local not ventilated, humidity is big, adscititious weather is torrid, sweat macerate is damp, produce a variety of skin diseases extremely easily.
   Dermatitis is a kind of commonner scrotal skin disease, origin lacks vitamin of B a group of things with common features to concern in likelihood and food. Its symptom is skin tide fluid of red, ooze, desquamate, have bubble even, painful itch again. Main measure of precaution is, have vegetable of fresh melon and fruit and food grains other than wheat and rice more, compensatory vitamin the nutriment such as B2, B6. Cleanness of skin of pathological changes area should maintain after coming on, can besmear zinc oxide ointment.
   Eczema is a kind of common scrotal skin disease, basically cause by sweat, feculent stimulation. Expression is the skin red, case fluid of blister, ooze, scabby, add even thick coarse, strange urticant bear hard. Remedial method fights group amine medicaments to be like Si Min of chlorpheniramine, breath to wait for to be taken orally, skin of the besmear after skin of pathological changes area is cleaned clean is relaxed, go ointment of phlogistic loose urea, daily 1-2 second.
   Tinea department contracts the scrotal skin disease that cause by mould, constant the skin tinea disease with patient other place is relevant, come on scrotal skin tide is red, have papule or bubble, then desquamate bits, chang Chenghuan shape damages pathological changes place, itch badly. Method of prevention and cure is, ointment of tinea of the Tu Zhi outside having a department if ointment of the king of Da Kening frost, Pi Kang, Zun that overcome mildew (excitant strong tinea liquid medicine is unfavorable use) , the tinea disease that treats body other place at the same time if tinea manuum, athlete's foot, tinea, after healing in case, affect once more.
Sufferred from " sth which it would be awkward to disclose " after scrotal dermatosis, want to eliminate the mood of intense fear, do not will its and venereal place on a par, lest increase worry. 2 want slam the door " concealed ill concealed is treated " psychology, not by bewitch of place of mountebank, false advertisement or medicaments of act on one's own abuse, the dermatosis specialized subject that should go to normal hospital checks cure. 3 should enhance ego to defend consciousness, softness of dress quality of a material, easily the comfortable briefs with bibulous, good permeability, change frequently wash frequently, scrotal and scratchy catch coquettish less as far as possible, lest catch,broken skin causes infection and accentuation is damaged. 4 it is to improve dietary structure, eat chili less to wait excitant strong food, even pussyfoot especially spirited wine.

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