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The male defers the method of premature ejaculation
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1, pull pull scrotum: Visible when high sex excitement and climax scrotum is contractive, spermary rises, if be pulled to perineal ministry,pull bolus of scrotal He Gao to be able to be reduced right now stimulant, defer ejaculation.

2, reduce sexual sensitivity: Use condom, or medicaments of the besmear outside glans giving the department before sexual intercourse, if because of,1% ground get stuck, benzoic acid of 1% Da Keluo peaceful ointment, 3% ammonia second ester cold cream, in order to reduce the sensitivity of receptor of nerve ending of glans ministry feeling.

3, cold hot water is alternant hip bath: Cold water hip bath is used 15 minutes first before sleeping every night, again with warm water hip bath 15 minutes, daily 1, ameliorable hind the ability that urethral control ejaculates.

Use admire horizontal, two legs unbend, two sufficient apart are controlled 100 centimeters. Two tactics is put beside two hip, loosen naturally, inspect inside two eye, meaning defend next the pubic region, close a mouth, the tongue is touched on palate. First meaning defend next the pubic region 2 minutes, begin next inspiratory, inspiratory when receive an abdomen to carry anus, make the penis, spermary, anus contractive at the same time alvine adduction. Expect is right now angry by glans classics penis to perineal suck, by rachis of edge of gate of perineal classics end up, come via big vertebra 100 meetings, next expiratory, at the same time with meaning mouth of the classics that lead energy of life, the pharynx below the body fluid in along with mouth comes next the pubic region. In addition every time inspiratory when, hands or feet points to clutch forcibly, after gas sends consummate the pubic region, brothers is loosened, do 3-9 second.

The male lengthens the method of ejaculation time

Every time when pee, suck greatly bring into the pubic region at a heat, shut after that breath, this enrages expect to come by the pubic region perineal, along arteries and veins of superintend and director, about a hundred meeting, defend 100 meetings acupuncture point namely, answer the word of " water " that thinks this acupuncture point has one green, only then travel pee. Wait for pee to be solved, breathe out gas wheezingly piece, at the same time 100 meetings are in expect word of " water " , along with Yu Dantian of air be issued to lower levels. This result method shuts essence of life to father very, although make love again thing, also do not have normal spermatozoon eduction, want door of essence of life otherwise, the take out when leaving all distracting thoughts, pee during breathe out can.

Stand, bipod and shoulder are the same as wide, good equipment sandbag and gauze belt are put on the bed or on bench, written guarantee gauze belt a work is buckled reserve. Grab together with skill general penis and scrotum next, the work that takes gauze again buckles a root ministry that reachs the penis in scrotum to be plunged into, degree of tightness is appropriate, pubic hair stays outside, make plunge into buckle the two gauze belt below to wait long. Put down sandbag slowly finally, leave the ground about 2 inches, around swings 50 times. Breathe naturally. Congest with the penis and spermary, small acid bilges, two side groin has slight drawing to feel and indolence is accurate.
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