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Train a law about the behavior of premature ejaculation
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Premature ejaculation from go up at all the threshold value that saying is ejaculation place need is too low, threshold value is the strength dividing line that points to stimulation, be like " doorsill " same, the doorsill is low, cross went. So remedial premature ejaculation needs to increase threshold value, the ability after achieving quite strong stimulation produces ejaculation. The method is narrated to be able to be solved before some people are passed, relatively serious much need undertakes behavior is treated.

Stop - use a technology (law of intermittent and exciting penis) the man lies on his back, focus attention completely to the feeling that the experience stimulates the penis by the woman and appears, the woman sits by the man or between two legs, touch the penis to make its erect slowly with the hand, when the man expresses to be about to reach ejaculation climax, stop to touch the penis namely, let passional subsidise. In a few minutes, the woman continues to touch the penis again, make the man again excited. Undertake repeatedly so, make patient gradually ability suffers a large number of stimulation and do not ejaculate. Intermittent frequency drop off, do not need bait finally, also can endure long be stimulated continuously and still ejaculate early nevertheless.

This kind of training also can masturbate by him patient will undertake, those who experience stimulation is strong lose and means, also can undertake similar training when sexual intercourse, if reduce the extent with throbbing penis, speed or time-out to twitch, reduce sexual excitement, the penis will fatigued and weak when again throbbing. Undertake repeatedly so, can extend coital time, wait for the woman to achieve orgasm to ejaculate again.

·Crowded hold a technology (be able to bear or endure training sufferring a gender) this kind of method is applied to " stop easily technology " the person that training disables. The sexy concentration of advanced travel impotence trains (blame genital and genital two phase) , dispel the patient's worry. Then, stimulate to the penis ceaselessly by the woman, when waiting for the sense of urgency that man occurrence ejaculation is about to produce, the woman puts big toe in chalaza place of the penis, show point to, the back side that middle finger puts in glans, just be in of coronal shape channel on, lower part, hold firmly oppressive 15 - 20 seconds, loosen next. Using force is around to, is not the left and right sides to, need to use point to abdomen, fingernail of and rather than holds clip, also not be to scratch blow the penis. Pushing the result that hold so is to restrain ejaculation reflex, alleviate the sense of urgency of ejaculation. Hold to two weeks or so, most patient has very big improvement in control ejaculation respect. Squeeze the pressure that nips place to use to should become direct ratio with erectile degree, the person that erect adequately needs to be squeezed forcibly hold, erect not firm person crowded hold power corresponding and abate, only and oppressive feel and do not have painful, unwell. When the woman is exciting, on the feeling that after the man's attention wants to suffer stimulation in the penis centrally, produces, and when can not beyond the mark attention ejaculate.
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