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Cope with premature ejaculation to try sexual love the 2nd times
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Have the 2nd successional sexual intercourse scientificly, not only the mortgage that can make the premature ejaculation of psychological sex becomes the man no longer, influence sexual life, and still can make husband and wife experiences the orgasm of another kind of state jointly...

Those who need an attention is sexual intercourse two should have certain interval period. After making love for the first time, although the husband does not have what what say commonly " do not answer period " , but also need, decided time-interval, should be in commonly 10 minutes of above, but the longest should not exceed 30 minutes. Time grows the time that can increase a gender the 2nd times to arouse too. In interval period, the ego try to explain things away when been laughed at of marital humour is necessary. Want to have sufficient self-confidence, talk while can begin to caress a wife, this can begin when just ending for the first time.

The self-confident heart expression of interval period husband includes the way one speaks or what he says, easy caress and the belief that surely win, this is crucial, because this formed coital prelude the 2nd times, prepare adequately, can bring favorable result to the 2nd sexual love. Additional, be caressed first or make the penis erect to be able to inspect a condition and be decided first, 10 minutes of OK and exciting penises are caressed to make its erect after ending for the first time usually, continue to caress again next till sexual intercourse. If the wife gives,cooperate at this moment, the effect will be betterer. The vaginal clip of the wife gets a few closer, him attention too center at sexual intercourse, throbbing movement undeserved, vagina is done not have sufficient and wet insert wait to be able to make ejaculate ahead of schedule. Self-confident man after the event can think of these more and sum up experience, after making, the successful rate of sexual life rises ceaselessly.

If, second sexual intercourse ends prematurely (here need not premature ejaculation 2 words) , can try the 2nd times, here need not worry about the problem of physical ability, usually, if end of first time sexual intercourse is premature, the physical power that consume is few, because sexual pleasure is not intense, it is the penis emerges only bilge of feeling release just. Below this kind of circumstance, the husband does not answer with respect to what nonexistent general place says period, right now if the husband still has sexual desire, stimulate the penis through proper method, still can make the penis erect adequately.

The 2nd times sexual intercourse also needs sexual love to stroke in order to improve sexual life quality, although the penis can twitch continuously,make the wife produces pleasure more for long, what Dan Congming's husband can use this longer time to make the wife gets systemic heart better is contented, is the climax of sexual organs not merely, this is about to rely on the marital control to coital rhythm, the become enamoured area of the wife can be kissed after insert; Also but slowly after twitching a few times, take out. When end of sexual intercourse of average first time is premature, wife sex is aroused already appeared, so quadratic sexual love is stroked will make a wife sufficient acquired character is excited.
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