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Unusual erectile emergency treatment
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Small firm newly-married before long, two have husband and wife leisure is ground in fellow of hair on the temples of eardrum love a river with respect to bath. When making love one of these day, small firm penis erects continuously unexpectedly after ejaculation, small just thought this is this full of sap, vigorous performance, should not answer a thing to be asleep. Shut-eye awakes, discover the penis however and do not have fatigued and weak, and bear hard sorely, hasten go to a hospital, when eventuate late already, because small firm penis happened permanent erect obstacle. So this is small just was opposite unusual erect to did not take seriously with be caused by of timely seek medical advice.

The penis that weighs on medicine is unusual erecting is to show the penis erects for long continuously not fatigued and weak. Prime of life of Yu Qing of this disease good hair, other age also can come on, because hair cause of disease is more complex. If the penis is local inflammation, injury, tumour, leukaemia can cause this disease, but the inducement causing disease that most patient can not find out these likelihoods. Clinical on say to cause sexual penis unusual erect disease. Although the pathogeny is complex, but common cause has 3 kinds: Suffocate suffocate of circumfluence of blood of ⑴ penis vein; Blood of ⑵ penis artery has been supplied big, these two kinds of circumstances can make plentiful of the blood inside phallic sponge body increases, make the penis is in erect continuously condition; What ⑶ control penis erects is neurological produced an obstacle.

Without giving thought to what reason, produced the penis unusual erect disease, the trouble is compared on cure, run-of-mill cure can give local drop in temperature, cure of decompression of exsanguinate of body of sponge of anaesthesia of sluggish of shade of the composed, antrum outside using outspread and hemal medicine, estrogen, putamen, penis. If these methods cannot make the penis fatigued and weak,come down, have to adopt an operation to treat a method to solve.

Discover the penis is unusual after erecting, answer to hesitate to go to a hospital looking for a doctor to treat rapidly none, earlier treatment effect is better. The penis is unusual after erecting to alleviate through be not an operation to treat, 3 months a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces prohibits sexual life, apply estrogen and tranquillizer appropriately, prevent the penis to erect. The penis is unusual erecting remove through the operation, operation itself is a kind of injury to the penis, especially billabong art. After art must lie in bed 1 week, use estrogen, prevent the penis to erect. 3 months after art should stop sexual life. Or the penis is unusual erect time is too long did not treat in time again, bring about the penis permanent erect obstacle, be about to think sexual lives, can use buy to be made up for into phallic false body.

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