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Maid suffers from vaginitis easily
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The female's vagina, have two natural protective screen: There is size labium to be shut partly outside " portal " , there is the secretion that makes the vagina shows acidity environment inside, can prevent pathogenic bacteria to invade. These two natural protective screen can make the vagina keeps clean. However, the dissection with located vagina the place is right the vagina from clean very adverse: Connect inside it at palace neck, connect outside perineal, with urethral border with anal photograph. So, if the girl does not understand or oversight the vagina and organic cleanness is wholesome all round its, cause the following kinds of vaginitis very easily:
One. Young female vaginitis: See the little girl at wearing open-seat pants more, because hair cause of disease is the girl sit on the ground when amuse oneself or climbing to play on the ground, or the hand shows direct disclose enters the vagina, even buy puts a foreign body, cause vulva, vagina to get pollution, cause vaginitis.
Main symptom expression is vulva red, sample secretion flows inside the vagina, painful or vaginal bright is strange painful bear hard. Cure young female vaginitis, need to use water of Chinese prickly ash only or 61 medicinal powder (contain steatitic, licorice) strong water cleans the vagina and vulva, can get satisfactory result. For the nip in the bud, do not wear open-seat pants to the girl, change wear comfortable the pants shutting crotch that takes off easily, at the same time educational girl pays attention to sanitation, do not feel the vagina with hand or eyewinker, clean to the girl every night perineal.
2, girl menarche vaginitis: Classics of forthcoming month of adolescent girl first time, call " menarche " , stem from a girl bashful with the hazy understanding to menstruation, they often do not understand or carelessly period is wholesome, abuse not clean bumf, cause vulva to get pollution of a place of strategic importance of cotton of feculent bumf and sanitary pad, menstruation, the bacteria seizes the opportunity breed and intrude into, cause menarche vaginitis.
The semiotic characteristic of this kind of vaginitis is: Perineal ministry has straining and calcination feeling, vaginal secretion grow in quantity, show purulent sex appearance to secrete even. As a result of the excessive outside vaginal secretion, stimulate urethral opening, occurrence frequent micturition, uric painful symptom. Vaginal mouth and vulva are cleaned before the patient can sleep at facing, clean finger is used after mop works, turn spigot of clean Er shade gently the vagina, effect of its diminish inflammation is very good, and won't injure Hymen.
3, vaginitis of close crotch pants: Just as its name implies, because the woman often wears close crotch to wrap,this kind of vaginitis is briefs mixes the triangle of buttock to play tight and strong and handsome pants high to cause. In recent years, the girl that loves the United States a little often likes to wear the leotard that shows bodily form curve. This kind of trousers tightens crotch. Bag buttock. Fabrics is chemical fibber fabric airproof, vaginal secretion and sweat fluid send out not easily, appropriate bacterium twin is progenitive, cause vaginitis.
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