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Impotent not kidney empty
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Patient story

Liu Wei of 26 years old, cross 2 months to was about to manage a wedding again. Because think oneself him body " frail " , feel embarrassed again go male family doctor seeks advice, it is OK to listen to friend introduction medicinal liquor only filling kidney, buy 50 grams pilose antler then, jie of 3 pairs of clam, ten kinds of Zhuang Yangzhi such as 5 centipede are tasted, after putting wine to immerse 7 days, begin to take. Still feel to be able to have effect at first, but take after coming the 3rd day, feel talking around is dry, gum bleeds, pudenda also feels hectic fever sweat goes out, very uncomfortable. The penis cannot erect instead... this is a real case, also be typical case. Clinical go up to be able to encounter similar patient see a doctor everyday. All all these are the wrong understanding that comes from two pairs of ED.

   The doctor is commented on

Because life rhythm is accelerated, the pressure of physiology and mentally makes a lot of people feel energy of no use really, but should saying energy of no use is kidney deficient, too exaggerative rather. And this kind of traditional Chinese medical science says for " Yin Cheng " patient, cannot use absolutely " fierce medicine " evil fill, be opposite otherwise the body is harmful and profitless. Have many people many because of body empty buy kimono to feed this kind of invigorator, result body fills poorer more. Everyday 10 come a patient that suspects him kidney is deficient will beg examine, from sit for years in light of the situation that examine understands, about half person is belonged to implement qualitative sex defect, namely the certain organ of the body produces pathological change, have a deficit with kidney far from relevant, and although person of other in part shows the symptom of kidney empty, the function that be like a gender acerbity leg of abate, waist is painful wait, but because the problem appeared on lifestyle,basically also be, should notice to rest only maintain, "Disease " can disappear automatically, need not take medicine at all or enter fill. Moreover, kidney empty still has the branch of deficiency of yang, deficiency of yin with irritability, still what level loses by force is fasten, need a doctor to be diagnosed carefully, suit the remedy to the case.

The understanding error of ED

Error one

Impotent namely " kidney empty "

Mention impotent, a lot of people say is " kidney empty " , zhuang Yang filling kidney wants on cure, actually this is a kind of misunderstanding. This kind of misunderstanding is be caused by of Chinese tradition understanding, folk has " an essence 10 blood " view, want to fill more. In south, the madam often warms ginseng soup, bastard boiling water to the gentleman, in north, the man likes to contain place to call spermary of the Niu Bian of action of filling kidney Zhuang Yang, Yang Bian, sheep and medical chaffy dish, these are concerned with some conduct propaganda, as long as it is impotent it is empty of deficiency of yang, kidney, alleged " deficiency of yang " , it is in relief gas (fire) empty, was just like temperature to reduce, want accord quantity of heat, it is people often say " firepower is insufficient " . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is human body cent " heart, liver, lienal, lung, kidney " 5 old systems, genital official (say in the man " in relief implement " ) belong to " kidney " system, reason is impotent constant understanding is " deficiency of yang " , " kidney is deficient " , "Zhuang Yang " became the pronoun that improves male sex function.
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