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How to discover inchoate and venereal
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Inchoate and venereal clinical expression is hard chancre and place belong to lymph node enlargement, hard chancre appears after affecting syphilis helicoid to make an appointment with 3 weeks or so, most invade place first, the place such as mouth of the big nympha of channel of shape of the glans that is like the male, wrapping, coronal, female, clitoris, vagina, occurrence erythema, graduate scleroma, color turns Cheng Zigong or cupreous red, pattern of touched the bone that be like bazoo is strong, without urticant feeling of ache and Sao.
Callous surface appears gradually erosion, form ulcer finally, size makes an appointment with 1 centimeter or so, appearance is a circle more, brim neat, sore surface is flat, the surface has a few serous sex secretion, contain a large number of helicoid among them, infectivity is extremely strong.   
Outside eliminating genital position, individual hard chancre can happen in the place such as words, finger, breast, eyelid and anus; Hard not infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is not treated, after a month but natural subsidise, bequeath a shallow scar or pigment spot.   
In the 1 ~ after hard chancre happens 2 weeks, the lymph node enlargement around, it is two side sex more, amount is more, those who touch is hard, but without tenderness, not fester also does not;burst;ulcerate;fester broken. Subsidise of intumescent lymph node is later than hard chancre, need left and right sides of a few months about.   
Inchoate and venereal if can get be diagnosed in time and be remedialed, the disease can achieve the goal that cures thoroughly quickly, otherwise entail untold troubles.

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