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Female undergraduate careful prevent disease of department of gynaecology
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Investigation makes clear, occurrence department of gynaecology of the near future in some undergraduate is common the disease is not moved like dysmenorrhoea, menstruation, the amenorrhoea, dripping wet, morbid power that has increase. 22.9% what the patient holds schoolgirl sum total, among them dysmenorrhoea and morbid person more. The basis investigates an analysis, female undergraduate suffers from department of gynaecology the reason of common disease, basically be in the following 3 respects:
One, the quickness of physiology, psychology changes:
In the development process of life, female undergraduate already entered the 4 big fastigium that develop a curve: Physiology change height, intellectual growth height, manual development height, social demand height. They are a when have more oversensitive manage and behavior problem special crowds, they should experience a lot of first time of life: Leave parents for the first time, live independently for the first time, ponder over a problem independently for the first time, the first have his love. . . The urgent revulsion on physiology is changed and contact social grow in quantity, it is cause psychological problem " fuse " , hurried abigail undergraduate cares about knowledge, thinking, affection, manner, behavior and moral character a lot of respect produces change ceaselessly. Especially of the development maturity as genital official, secondary sex characteristic appear, of sex hormone secrete, the influence of the physiology element such as the bud of sexual consciousness and heavy mental work, constant regular meeting causes endocrinopathy, what cause period thereby is disorder.
2, study burden is aggravating, acuteness activity increase:
Investigation data makes clear, rate of sicken of 3 grade schoolgirl is top, in all patient, in order to suffer from dysmenorrhoea and morbid person be in the majority. This specification department of gynaecology is common the happening of the disease, the strong weak pitch with the weight that learns a responsibility and manual activity is concerned.
3, wholesome consciousness is indigent, carelessly individual health care:
In entire school woman student, the agreement that comes from a country is occupied 85% the left and right sides, psychology and physiology sanitation knowledge are lacked, carelessly individual health care, period comes, do not know to prohibit tub, swim and enter acuteness activity, change briefs not frequently at ordinary times, maintain vulva cleanness carelessly. More very person, partial schoolgirl still has feudal consciousness, disease of department of gynaecology contracts first, ask doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment not in time, cause an illness heavier and heavier.
For this, experts point out, female undergraduate should be given priority to with precaution in respect of disease of department of gynaecology of prevention and cure, insist to defend the policy that overweight manages, in precautionary measures, should take understanding seriously to master wholesome knowledge, do work of good ego health care, from the happening that goes up to avoid or reduce disease of department of gynaecology at all. Female undergraduate should strengthen oneself health protection, want to notice period is wholesome especially. Want to notice in each link at ordinary times only, the disease can prevent completely.
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