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Impotent reason
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Cause impotent cause

1. Those who anatomize a respect is unusual: If fiber of congenital deformation, scrotal oedema, spermary is changed,wait.

2. Neurological pathological changes: Muscle Wei shrinks, serious illness flesh is tumour of disease of faint, Pajinsen, spinal cord, much pathological changes of the head such as sclerosis of the spinal cord that send a gender, spinal cord, all round neuritis, can differ level land brings about impotent happening.

3. Internal system pathological changes: Function of pituitary injury, pituitary drops disease of disease, hyperfunction of diabetic, thyroid function, Ke Xingshi is asked for integratedly etc all is to cause impotent common disease. In addition, still pharynx of hypothyroidism disease, skull manages tumor, kind hormone of female of disease of blood of element of breast of the disease that do not have Gao, infantilism, tall secrete, profess to convinced, Nancy a tumour of qualitative cell spermary.

4. Pathological changes of system of reproduction of secrete make water: The disease of organ of reproduction of male secrete make water and impotent relationship are very close, be like prostate of cystic excision, perineal type development of Gao of bine of disease of sclerosis of body of sponge of excision, penis, bag, prostatitis, urethritis, cryptorchidism, concealed is undesirable.

5. Haemal system disease: Hook cell is disease of family name of He Jie gold, leukaemia, malign anaemia, anaemic.

6. Infection: Skin of n/med tuberculosis of system of as swollen as the skin, reproduction, clap, mumps, penis affects scrotum etc.

7. Hemal pathological changes: Block of thrombus of bifurcate of aorta of arteritis, lipoma, arteriosclerosis, abdomen.

8. Other respect: Function of liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney is feeble.

   In senile man suffers from easily impotent

Statistic of family of some hospital man makes clear, in the male venereal patient that see a doctor, impotent patient occupies 1 / about 3. In the discovery in diagnosis and treatment, undermentioned in senile man suffers from easily impotent:

1. The mental sex of great majority of disaccord of husband and wife is impotent, having immediate concern with spouse concern disaccord. Seemingly in harmony but actually at variance of husband and wife, be strange bedfellows, lack emotional communication, mutual a distrust, down to produces ill feeling of be disgusted with, certainly will brings about feeling to be on bad terms, those who affect the penis erect.

2. Systemic disease is diabetic with patient of coronary heart disease easy bring about impotent. Diabetic end nerve is damaged more, hormone is secreted also suffer an effect, because this is easy,suffer from impotent. Patient of coronary heart disease causes perfusion of sponge body blood when block of phallic small artery not full-time, can bring about impotent.

3. The brainworker occupies statistic, suffer from impotent person in, intellectual proportion is higher, physical labor person less. Because,this is brainworker relatively physical labor person suffer from cardiovascular disease easily to reach diabetic. In addition, get the person with educational higher rate, average life rhythm is fast, competition is intense, pressure is greater, easy generation psychogenic disorder, and make to sunrise, sunset and the physical labor of breath person for, less the disease of this respect suffers from.
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