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How does syphilis prevent? How care of a patient during convalescence?
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To the care of a patient during convalescence of luetic precaution and syphilis patient, be basically like below a few measure?
(1) have healthy education extensively, make people understands syphilis to be endangered to what social civilization, economy, family brings, form favorable social environment, raise the healthy quality of whole society and consciousness.
(2) put an end to shocking sexual behavior, advocate preserve one's purity. If in case inadvertent, had doubtful syphilis to contact history, answer to make syphilis serum test in time, so that discover in time, seasonable cure.
(3) if pregnant woman had doubtful syphilis to contact history, can give a period of treatment first preventive penicillin refuses syphilis treatment, give syphilis infection in order to prevent fetal.
(4) to sexual spouse, should understand Shi Hejian of its sexual life in the round health state, if have doubtful symptom, should urge its to check cure.
(5) go out outer, should notice the disinfection of appliance, can carry " skin shade clean " etc undertake cleaning.
(6) before normality lives, notice pudenda is cleaned, disinfection.
(7) cure should be kept apart after discovering sicken, before curing forbidden sexual life. Should undertake checking to sexual spouse of the patient or preventive cure.
(8) terminal syphilis patient should notice to strike a proper balance between work and rest, undertake necessary function takes exercise, maintain good state of mind, recover with benefit.

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