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What calls syphilis?
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Syphilis is main venereal disease, it is the infection of sex of chronic whole body that causes by syphilis helicoid. Syphilis is disease of a kind of ab extra sex, on the history of our country, after considering as Portuguese 1505 businessman generally to enter Guangzhou, in Hua Na one belt appears above all, spread later, from south to north, pervade each district.
Syphilis old times is called again " mildew sore " , " vast wound " , " when sore " , " pily sore " reach " red bayberry sore " etc, all be figure description. Syphilis helix physical ability encroachs any organs of human body and organization. This disease most often be when sexual intercourse through tiny skin or mucous membrane damaged transmission, accordingly vaccinal place is genital commonly, yi Ke is him to be in.
Systemic sex infection is namely when rising first, course of diseases is slow, a lot of organization organs of human body can be encroached in developing a process, appear all sorts of symptoms, sometimes conceal is old lifelong even do not show a bit trace, can cure, also have self-healing tendency, but wont has a relapse. Accident of course of diseases is differ, differ because of catching kind, clinical show is endless also and same. Pathogen is mixed to heat dry and exceeding sensitive, but can survive several days in the liquid, the blood of the person that so Yi Ke passes infection travels. Gravid syphilis of the mother's body can be passed to via placenta after 5 months fetal

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