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Alarm of married female sexual life
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One, mammary tenderness.
Mammary a side discovers some a little bit when the hug tenderness. Make the same score with the palm feel pain spot, can discover one small nugget, tenderness feels, should vigilant breast bump.
2, tit excessive grandma.
When touching extruding breast or absorb tit, have galactic spill over, should the possibility that vigilance has pituitary small adenoma.
3, tit excessive blood.
When extruding breast or absorb tit, secretion of courage and uprightness is poured out of, the likelihood is the omen of inchoate breast cancer.
4, apophysis issueing an abdomen.
When lying on his back every time, next abdomens still apophysis, feeling has solid feeling, should whether does vigilance have ovarian tumor.
5, the vagina bleeds.
The eduction after sex is mucous in contain blood. This kind of circumstance often is the inchoate signal of palace neck cancer, even if of thimbleful, also do not let off. Because of this kind of signal, can not appear after sex every time, perhaps after half an year emersion, but tumor already may arrive in those days later period and the good chance that loses treatment.
6, frequent micturition make water is urgent.
If feel after sex frequent micturition, make water is urgent, accompany have leucorrhoea increase, the likelihood suffers from vaginitis of sex of trichomonad sex vaginitis, mould, or the man caught clap to wait.
7, stink of piscine raw meat or fish.
When sexual intercourse or the vagina after sexual intercourse sends out stink of raw meat or fish giving a fish, accompany have vulva Sao burn of urticant, vagina is painful, the likelihood is have venereal sex or special vaginitis of accept family name.
8, arched roof tenderness.
Arched roof is located in the vagina most in, the feeling when sex has touch a tender spot to here, express to contract pelvic infection, if accompany dysmenorrhoea of sex of hair having follow history, announce have other of the film inside the uterus disease.
9, angina issueing an abdomen.
Sex before long, appear alvine blast an angina, companion has disgusting vomiting, the likelihood is ovarian tumour, should not treat sth lightly, should fast go to specialized subject hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment.

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