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Bisexual investigation: Had you wanted to change the husband?
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"If change a husband to whether be met betterer? " , this is the subject that magazine of a woman becomes questionnaire to investigate. Result, in the female that accepts investigation, "Often think so occupy 14% , think so accidentally for 53% . " visible, in the group of married woman, in a lot of people confuse the flat life of oily salt in bavin of Xiang Shouyi portion, yearn for " entice " , an exceed what is proper, a paragraph of Gong Xing gives the old practice of the wall.

Although marital separation and reunion has been a heavy topic no longer, but if you just think the desire that lets your does affection,go sightseeing, do not want to destroy the word of the life that builds meticulously, must take care so " do not enter red light " . After all, love can be a vitreous heart only, via rising too much play, if was broken into pieces by mischievous person accidentally drop, that...

So, when thought and opportunity flash, start call the police system, con is as follows regular, let oneself make a sober car hand, drive carefully car of your libidinal mark market.

Of course, all these " console " be to build the foundation in your marriage happiness to go up. If you feel happy no longer in marriage really, so start all over again does not have not not be good choice, just, stem from moral consideration, what still do not want one person to eat two meals is good.

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