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The close incident of wife and sexual appliance
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After when tall lady of 34 years old use emulator has 3 many months, she made an important decision eventually: Tell the husband all these.

The sexual life with the husband is a knot in the heart all the time, excited phase of the husband comes some are quickly, climax flash and over- , heavy curtain has fallen, always let tall lady feel cannot to one's heart's content, after giving birth to the child especially, this kind of sense is stronger and stronger. "30 be like a wolf, 40 be like a tiger " , write down not clear how many night, "Of tiger wolf year " she is to taking the sense that lacks regret to be spent cloudily.

Actually her early knows sexual things, pass the adult things inn of roadside every time, she has the thing that the woman uses for certain inside faint feeling.

But she dare not go in, seem to always have a pair of eyes rear like staring at oneself. Later, she met a woman that spends likewise painfully with oneself, what what differ is the other side been usinging sexual things. They chatted together very long, after the other side tells her thoroughly his circumstance, say: "You should try, compare coma ground all one's life to go down to be close friends too at least! " this, determination was decided below tall lady.

A day of before dawn that she chose the husband to be away on official business is much at 1 o'clock, take a taxi the adult things inn that goes to 24 hours doing business. Wander in the doorway a long time, she goes in eventually. Probably usually really a lot of women come here choose and buy, in counterjumper comes to hers and expressing to envisage " amazed " , she also gradually calm, feel no longer " feel embarrassed " . When the appliance that chooses him satisfaction, she still discovered a secret of this inn even: They use a lot of women's shy psychology, intended drive up is women's and implemental mark a price. When coming home, her feeling has inarticulate excitement, insecurity, very nervous really.

From this later, every time when the husband is absent, tall lady always can remember her having " the thing should be done " . "Tonight, the body that invites me to be me is done advocate! " she says to oneself. Subsequently, concussion headed her happy peak. She is closing an eye closely, marital figure appears in brain, finish natural coincide with the exciting dot of the body, as if the emulation appliance in the body is the husband originally, just become more lovely more perfect. But, when she does not know to making love with the husband really, still can have this kind of good sense.

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