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Experience: Commutation pattern can be fastened outsmart oneself
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Sexual skill just pays attention to the connection between sexual excitement and sexual reaction below most circumstance, cause the be out of lining between sexual love and love easily, go against the affection that the care with foam and favor immerse between expressive husband and wife, this is just like excessive dependence tool, the argument that goes against communication of affection of husband and wife is same. Because sexual love needs the investment that is heart of whole body of both sides of male and female, include affective train, each other are right the understanding of opposite sex world, and the harmony of sexual psychology and accomplishment are waited a moment, the process is here medium, sexual skill at best is a carrier just!

Not only such, sexual skill still often has malfunction, outsmart oneself even when! A middleaged man once spoke of not without deep feeling ground, the sex that he thinks the breast is a wife all the time is sensitive place, did not think of he just figures out recently, actually she prefers him to caress her back! And the back is not the sex on traditional sense apparently sensitive area. So he says, sexual thought of the woman is guessed very hard!

Still having a girl was to do bout more " loss is big " ! Her original idea is miss the evening in newly-married the first time in sexual life, ache a bit lesser. Then she browses designedly the book of respect of skill of a few sexes, say the female is in sexual life on the book, if can take active, active attitude, make oneself body first " warm-up " rise, can some more happy, a few less anguish and trouble! But, after undertaking according to the chapter when her, her husband however for no reason suspects whether she has had sexual experience.

Still have a man, be fond of the attempt of sexual skill particularly, every time he should use sexual life at least different caressing method, change sexual posture and exciting way often. But his wife always feels he is in " person of do sth over and over again! " . Reason actually very good understanding, because no matter the men and women wants,achieve orgasm, must depend on short and uninterrupted by pressure, and continuously, have rhythm ground stimulation. If change sexual excitement way often, criterion the intensity of each single exciting way can drop, instead goes against the arrival of orgasm. And egregious pay attention to sexual skill, also can create aeriform pressure to both sides of husband and wife, for example the just can worry about oneself skill that sexual skill applies is bad, the other side may suspect his sexual reaction gave an issue!

So, of sexual skill apply must abide by bilateral and freewill, real need, pay attention to the communication, principle that applies moderately, cannot pure for skill skill!

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