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Awkward topic female most the sudden incident of illicit fine point
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No matter how avoid, the awkwardness of the following kinds of private parts, always one is plant (or a few kinds) happen on your body, learn a processing technique as early as possible beneficial and harmless.

The awkwardness with female close illicit is the topic that is alluded rarely, because you can feel they hard open one's mouth, but if you are married,perhaps have fixed male friend, these in the bizarre episode between the couple happening, say bad where one day to be able to happen, make you awkward while lose one's head. Do not know oneself should go immediately over there gynecologist, other what way to still think? Need not alarmed, you can learn to look from the example middle school below, if why handle a female most most the sudden incident of illicit fine point, dissolve awkwardness, make your sexual love perfect, healthy.

One of illicit close awkwardness: Use tampon but forget to remember in mind piece

Use tampon but forget to remember in mind piece, you cannot find it now. Can let you realize you forget those who give tampon to remember in mind, it is that bad taste for certain, this kind of odour is those who come from the tampon surface bacterium that carries blood inside the vagina at stopping is many cause, elapse as time, bacterial sort becomes increasing, smell becomes stronger and stronger. These bacteria won't cause the infection that harms a gender to the vagina, but can cause toxic symptom, this kind of symptom is very scarce, the tampon that can using big uptake normally appears after more than 8 hours, the symptom has high fever or vomit. The key of the problem depends on, realize when you oneself forget to remember in mind when giving tampon, the cotton thread of tampon cannot have been found. Sliver put a few days in the body, cotton thread won't return conscientiously ground to need the place before of course. Tampon is used undeserved also meet " offends troublesome ">>>

Settlement way:

Lie low is on the bed, wash clean both hands, enter the vagina with two finger explore, try to feel the position of cotton thread, if cannot be found, also can set a chair in the bathroom, a foot steps to go up in the chair, search with same method, perhaps crouch to perhaps bow, change body posture, let sliver move in mouth of body introversion vagina as far as possible.

Use a few lube, the hand that can help you shows great detective enters the vagina, but do not use too much, lest because,sliver is met too slippery and take out hard; Do not want additionally too anxious: If you are too nervous, your vaginal muscle also is met subsequently crimple, pull sliver more greatly to body interior.

If above method cannot be successful, you are about to hang emergency call of department of gynaecology to the hospital as soon as possible, the doctor has special appliance and technique, can help you take out sliver, a few minutes can be done calm, ask a doctor to make vaginal inspection for you incidentally, look to catch any bugs, you can leave.
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