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Teach your men and women to sitting to make love opportunely face-to-face
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The adoptable when the husband is tired is another kind before sitting position. Men and women face-to-face, the male sits down spread two legs, female ham stretchs bestride over Yu Nan sex, the pose of each other embrace.
The skin that this is both sides makes the contact of comprehensive sex, because this is exciting very intense, 2 people also can chat face-to-face, coital activity is done by the woman, it is OK that the man should maintain same pose only. Below this kind of case, the male backside of both hands park, move completely by the female, after inserting the vagina when the penis, female also male of both hands park later, the method of exciting the other side is to use the method that raises hip.
Male handle puts rearward, the circumstance that female of at one's convenience orders about, always make a person have a kind of insufficient feeling, right now female also puts the hand to male backside, the movement that make bipod be extended ahead or bends backward makes the sexual organ is united in wedlock, facilitating stimulation enhances reason to be able to obtain greater pleasure.

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