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The diary of " of " sexual love of I and husband
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Accident of the first day of · is surprizing

Originally I am pretty to the experiment confident, but the husband is without interest however to my proposal, and the life that take a place. Nevertheless I still plan finally to depend on plan act.

After dinner, I get on candle dot, poured a cup of champagne to give him. He looks at the bleb in the cup with distrustful look, continue to browse unexpectedly next the magazine in the hand. Go back of my on the sly comes kitchen, when planning to whether be necessary to continue, I hear the television was put out, I had turned the head comes, he holds firmly with a pair of powerful arms me. An ineffable impulse emerges, we make love on sofa finally. Weak point additional excitement of 5 minutes, the place when letting me feel first time makes love again brings the excited shock that deliver. The sort of feeling is brief and very sweet, I hope this month the rest of the circumstance also is so wonderful.

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The following day · good morning

Early in the morning awakes, I feel a day to this is special. I lift eider down by, wake in order to kiss the method of body he.

A satisfactory smile, appear on his face slowly. In advance half an hour awakes, have long and slow boiling hot passion, enough makes a person daylong buoyant.

Primitive alarm clock of the 5th day of ·

This week makes us know harmonious way more. In the past 5 days, we are time make love in the morning, that is really wonderful! Awake every time, my Dou Yueyue is about to try ground period to beg, can hold a hot kiss in the arms then. Want to know, the kiss often is to instigate sexual prelude, sample slowly in the begining the mouth ministry of the other side, body then joint rises. Yes, make love to become me to never had made the easiest research task gradually in the morning, but this affirmation is the most interesting.

Affection of the 10th day of · communicates

Although the husband expresses dissatisfaction greatly to this experiment at first, but he is right now the understanding degree of sexual fun, already followed me same. He discovers the instinct between double leg reacts, already became him (with me) alarm clock, and be troubled by a bell than any noises more useful.

Next we can be driven together by the subway, this is the business that did not do for years. Even if in the streaming with sweat in the railroad car that swarms a crowd, but mutual and clingy make us more love each other.

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The city of sexual desire of the 14th day of ·
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