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Pose of 4 kinds of sexes can be entered from the back
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Backside posture law reachs his to apply
The female holds out the waist insert in order to aid the penis, the different meeting of angle has different pleasure!
Backside posture law and normal posture way are same, just the female is to bending over. Male criterion and normal posture way are same, maintain oneself with the hand, insert the penis from female backside. As a result of insertion angle issue, make sexual motion is not very smooth undertake, but cause surprise at face-to-face the pleasure of posture law comes.
The presents close right angle case of penis of law of this kind of posture and vagina, combinative case is very not simple, when if the penis is very short,perhaps erecting completely, be inserted not easily or slip a vagina. Accordingly, the woman must stay should will coxal as far as possible in the future becomes warped, make the vagina and penis present horizontal case. Might as well soft on abdominal pillow thing, will help hip of your block up, right now, the male can do the work of joint with his pubic bones. And move in the gender undertake, undertake caressing the job, especially below back and flank and costal region.
Ancon genu pays a posture law and its application
Ancon genu pays posture law to also call behavioral position the law. In law of several kinds of postures, it is the most exciting posture law. The female bends over partly below, the male from hind insert the penis, what this can'ts help letting a person associate to the animal is copulative, so a lot of females repel this is planted method.
The method is a female as far as possible hip becomes warped tall, the male can see accordingly ferial and not easy the anus that sees a woman and big labium, can get the joyance on the vision and pleasure. From become warped tall hip is rear, the male with half posture square live the female's waist, insert the penis forcibly. After union, can undertake around, left and right sides, inclined to, revolving sex moves.
When undertaking the gender moves, be sure to keep in mind to cannot suspend caressing action. Anyhow, sexual motion of the male is much happier, and the female gets pleasure from breast and clitoris stimulation. And law of this kind of posture, also be to create pregnant posture law easily.
Side position law reachs his to apply after: Be beneficial to be pregnant insert gently after the foreplay
Side position law is both sides of male and female after all side lies, and the female is inserted by what accept the penis rear. The method is the male wants to be worn from female backside hug the other side, if on the right side of falling, left hand is returned can swing, the neck that can caress a female softly so, abdomen. Because of law of this kind of posture, make the female cannot be taken an active part in, but the caress that can accept the man adequately increases delight. After the foreplay, insert the penis the vagina inside, want to be inserted slowly, for the sake of wanting a bit face about, the upper part of the body can leave the woman.
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