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Investigation: The sexual love of lone woman is watched

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Most lone woman says, they had tried to produce an impact with different lover, and treating love as is requirement. But in fact, very fast they feel cheesed, feel a bit meaning is done not have. The lone woman of 62% says, they do not like and one pile man sleeps, embrace with an another man photograph:

"I had tried cross, but I cannot be done, because it appears meaning of it doesn't matter. Occasionally I can become it enjoy like the gift, but I am fed up with with an another man go to bed. But I am fed up with with an another man go to bed..

"My sexual life resembles a trap, I do not like and each person makes love, if make love far from, I can have felt. I had not found the person that fits me, the meeting is occasionally doleful, but I am overcome as far as possible. But I am overcome as far as possible..

"Go up high school when, I and a few boy go to bed that often meet, that is too terrible really. I know they are halfhearted people, of course, they also are not what friends actually, and I feel the esteem to them slowly die, because they want, is the join in the fun on occasion that does not have responsibility only. I follow them now among them one individual reluctance still says to go up is a friend, because I try to forget us to had slept,that is this thing. Meet this kind of time really bad, sexual conveniently can be gotten, long relationship is searching however do not wear. Long relationship is searching however do not wear..

The wife of 24% says, they feel -- feel deeply -- did not marry or do not have deep feeling however with person go to bed it is incorrect:

"When I and male friend are together the most enthusiastic, nevertheless I feel I and a person that have commitment do not have a relation enthusiasticly. If I am right my utterly ignorant, or the person that is not very appreciation rises enthusiasticly really, can have Babylon feeling now and then. Can have Babylon feeling now and then..

"If I change a man all the time, can feel him in one's heart is abandon oneself to vice. I like stable concern. I like stable concern..

"The sexual life when I am lone simply without a single redeeming feature, I often feel I resemble a prostitute like. I often feel I resemble a prostitute like..

A 20 females that come forward explain, why can she feel she mixes without influence " appropriate " the person beyond the man makes love:

"I once was mixed I am not to like to perhaps know not to suit my man to make love oneself truly. I want to refuse, because I feel whole thing is unwise. But come up against him, I always cannot control oneself. It is more informal that I think the man is talented to one night, but won't find out a man however socially this kind of behavior -- the man is a man. But won't find out a man however socially this kind of behavior -- the man is a man..

Express according to the lone woman of this research, generally speaking, the man won't resemble a woman joining gender and sentiment together in that way. Or, if have a woman,be said, till the feeling of major man maintains go to bed only:
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