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8 big sexes of the man are scared
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The mining man fear in sexual respect psychology, the female just may have effective help to him, thereby the relation of promotional both sides. 

1. Fear  of female dispute size

The male concern to size of itself sexual organ, with the female concern to itself breast size, it is likewise intense.

You do not understand this one problem -- it is stop talking does not talk about this one problem namely, already he overcomes conduce fear psychology. When making love, your simply tells him, your feeling is very good, his sexual self-confidence can increase, and what can appreciate you is considerate. 

2. Fear not to know when the female needs more exciting 

"When making love, normally oneself use my wife the clitoris that the hand caresses her. Sometimes, I also am caressed with the hand, but, she shoves my hand. is the clitoris stimulation that she needs such? Call me doubt really. " 

In fact, the common man physiology construction understanding to the female won't be too much. Accordingly, you should give him how-to: As far as possible need not the language is how-to, and bring with finger. You are taking his hand, how-to he makes the movement that makes you produce pleasure go. 

3. Not quite strong  erects when fearing to make love

The man that passed 30 years old, normally can this fears psychology. Because the male passed 30 years old, erect often not strong. "I am fast 40 years old, the penis erects not quite hard, although I still undertook, but the wife appears not quite glad. " 

If he has the problem that the penis erects, you say, the problem is met more serious. Best means of settlement is, caress his sexual organ with the hand, perhaps let him undertake the vagina is stimulated. Such, the penis erects can harden some.

4. Fear  of female camouflage climax

"Marry before long, the wife tells me, she can pretend a climax sometimes. This makes me very vexed. Now, I do not know when she is true, when be camouflage. I fear she pretends a climax, because this represents her to hiding to resent, and I do not know oneself again. " 
A few females will pretend a climax, and to others a persuasive talker gas word is equal look upon. Actually, both is different. You should not pretend a climax, you can say: "I am sorry, because I am too tired. Actually, with you intimate contact already made me very contented. " 

5. Be afraid that the female does not let him watch her masturbation 

"Watch wife strip, make me hysterical. Sometimes, in sex climax, her ego is caressed, I saw, with respect to more intense excitement. I ever asked she masturbates before me, she blames me however cranky. " really, some females will masturbate before the spouse, treating as is the one part that make love. But, many females think, masturbation is the thing of illicit concealed, is not as close as the spouse behavior. Actually, the female need not criticize the husband for this, speak out think of a way clearly, can advantageous to bilateral relationship much. 
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