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From the body self-abased the miracle to pleasure
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Self-abased, it is normal human feelings.

Say myself, since me after becoming A to overspread the chairman of a cup of club, the woman that sees those are plump shakes before me will shake, I cannot help wanting envy. The advertisement of breast enhancement food often can appear on TV, looked to make me very enchanted every time, although every bottles (box) get on 1000 yuan easily, I still am willing to spend money to buy try out of foretaste coming home very reluctantly. Regrettablly, these are so-called those who have magical effectiveness
Thing, fail to produce a miracle on my body.

Because oneself are insufficient plump, after be in the nude, the problem with my afraid regular meeting, mixing actually is like the man: Do not know he can feel I am too small? Although have some of man very can kind-hearted say: "Small irrespective also, I like small " or be " you such very good " if, actually those words sound and the woman is used comfort a man " although you are finer than finger, I am same still very bright " , " I feel you are more handsome than Jin Chengwu " the different of word it doesn't matter of and so on, he says him, I am self-abased my.

Have about self-abased story, make me very unforgettable all the time.

Have a man very dissatisfactory to oneself body, because, there is scar on his body. He is in in barbecue activity, the foot that did not discover oneself too stand by charcoal fire, flame so burned from his trousers rise, temporarily situation is urgent under, he is used again wear the hand that writes long sleeve shirt to flap the flame that goes up personally, borrowing also wore on the arm repeatedly fire, such, his accidentally injure oneself. Although flame is put out in very short time, but the mark that still left scald in place of hands or feet.

This man what is good, the scar that goes up to the body alone only minds very much very much, those scars make him self-abased, let him feel him is bad to look, so, besides him himself, how is he willing to let others see no matter. All the year round, he is worn forever write long sleeve and trousers, although arrived summer, room temperature forces continuously 40 degrees, he still insists to wear write pants of long sleeve length, hate to part with take off.

Besides, your all round the friend is gingerly is, want to eye of which not long white asks him only: "Weather is so hot, why to wear shorts? " the man can be placed pay " I had been done not have tomorrow " lose expression, silent very long do not talk, it is thus clear that he has how to care about the scar on his body.

The dress need not be taken off, love still should talk. Eventually one day, he encountered a woman, one makes him resolved be not the woman that she does not marry.

The man wants this woman, want and her go to bed. But, although two people coexist one room, although involved the lamp, went up bed, be in most in the space with close illicit, face her, the man still insists to grow trousers length sleeve, do not have method to be in the nude namely, because, there is scar on man body, those made him self-abased arrive the scar of the utmost.
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