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Big reveal the inside story of false appearance of disposition of woman of the j
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Have airy boy or girl friend

The most female that answers a question says frankly: If be both neither joy also unsuccessful sex is intimate, they connect regular meeting to want: How to end so? Conversely, they get drunk possibly to be imagined in their sex in. If right now they remembered other man, that often is the man that admire in the heart or male star. Sometimes this kind of imagination makes them very excited, sometimes however whats won't happen.

Do not like power fierce

To the woman, what kind of man is the sexiest, have charm most? Martial and bold and powerful, be still straightforward agile and brave? I am sorry, the old almanac that has been mediaeval knight times then, or is the story in film of knight-errant, gunfight only. The female of current society, more those who dote on is the sort of tender goodness, active enterprising, career has, the man with responsibility strong heart, because this kind of man meets them more safe feeling, count feeling and trustful move, most female also admits, such male qualified personnel is truly sexy, have glamour, your person infatuate.

Do not like light

Most woman thinks, in darkness they just can experience more vast sexual love space, can think lots and lots of letting that the person is happy better the thing with become enamoured, consequently more excited also. The eye cannot see -- the woman is to be used to shutting an eye to make love, all metropolises give place to the feeling of the body, make they more can dedicated at sexual thing. Another main reason is, most woman fears her face becomes because of excitement ugly, and in darkness, these metropolises get palliative.

Do not reject variety

The sexual pose that male people always is not contented habit and caressing means, always want to try strange thing, in order to go after bigger stimulation and joy. Actually, modern woman goes up in understanding and also repel no longer commonly to this in the action, because they have the need with fresh and exciting pursuit likewise.

But must hold to a premise, it is they think pose of this kind of sex is mixed caressing means is healthy, healthful, safe, can make oneself happier, cannot bring any harm to health of body and mind absolutely.

So, if male people thinks the sexual posture with new trial is mixed caressing means, the most important is esteem woman apiration, those who obtain them agree!

Install complete set to be indifferent to

The man often does not like to bring complete set, look in them, can reduce pleasure in that way. But to the female, without what they are special feeling.

Nevertheless, sometimes the woman can think however: Is bringing complete set surge? This is to stem from completely use contraceptive and prevent venereal consideration. If risking likelihood happening loath gravid or infect on venereal danger goes making love, do not have any joy of course but character.

Passivity is false appearance

Although the idea of people was opened a lot of, but in the memory in people, refined, grave and docile woman, behave in sexual life respect especially ad cool-headed, sedate as female as what exercise restraint talent is good woman. This makes most wife is not willing to be behaved in sexual respect so make public, appear.
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