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Sexual self-respect and sexual setback
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Often encounter such a few people in sexual cure, they are done not have apparent implement qualitative sex problem, also do not have the psychogenic disorder with outstanding what, but they are in really,sexual respect meets with repeatedly setback. Anatomize can discover, they have flaw of a few character probably, because one the individual's sexual behavior can suffer the major effect of its character, if coordinate,the organic union between them is fastened with alternant couplet, the person's behavior is normal, if maladjusted can produce abnormal action. For example proud sense is reduced even if among them the commonnest problem. The person that self-respect feels strong should be compared in sexual behavior self-abased person more extroversion, more self-confident, have the enterprising sex, sex that can realize oneself more to ask to suffer with sex appeal more. Because be opposite,oneself individual character, identity, percipient and self-respect have hope more, he often can establish the sexual relationship of a more harmonious happiness with sexual spouse. Self-abased person the value that never is oneself feels proud, the body that also is not oneself feels proud, one of expression are they never are willing to be before the spouse change clothes, unless involved the lamp, they also are anything but before the spouse naked.

Proud sense overmatch is brave in to convey his to the spouse, should be willing only they are thrown from preoccupied ground, seek oneself perception, it is self-confident that their sexual behavior means shows them, this kind is experienced will promotional their satisfaction and fun. Self-respect also gifts they admire with admitting to mix freely the sexual behavior of the other side and expression. When a husband has very strong self-respect to feel, the wife can feel to be together with him very comfortable, safe, reliable, she can convey her demand freely, the happiness that can build pair of sexes gradually like the husband feels and experience. In the feeling that competition and be strange bedfellows won't exist between such husband and wife, because they will have more sexual knowledge, they also encounter so much gender problem rarely. Contrary, self-abased person ego imagination ability is poorer, self-distrust, always be oneself raise a variety of questions to oneself. He often shy, craven, dare not sponsor sexual activity actively, always appear so passive. He is his feeling and demand consider rarely in sexual activity, always put the spouse's need in the first place. When in concentration energy offers pleasure for the spouse, his erect to disappear possibly or experience premature ejaculation problem. Because is him,do not have formerly it is coequal and important to he he place in locally. He can ask a partner often in sexual intercourse: "Had you felt? " or " such travel? " , check what whether can he make the other side satisfactory or get each other to approbate ceaselessly. Exemple in the shadow of father and elder brothers that always lives in his that success like a man, and his wife is so self-confident and have definite idea. He for please father, elder brother, wife, even children, he puts attention all on others body, self-abased psychology is very serious. Middleaged later, he discovers he is hard to erect more and more. Because his career has, become big, leave his post early then enjoy a Qing Fulai. But after once lose the force propping up on the job to be immersed in multifarious household activity,he does not have expect, his depressed serious with each passing day, impotent also become even more serious. Also the undue protection that some men get parents to dote on as a child, lack self-respect and independent consciousness, the result always is be ashamed at with opposite sex contact with, evasive all likely contacts and affective develop, everything awaits parents to make a decision for him. Although they may be successful on school work, but always be craven however in love life not before. Below this kind of case, they often can marry when searching a spouse strong and the woman that has definite idea, with continuance parents the in that way duty that protects an expression. They are become likely also love patient of the child disease, disease that show nether world, disease that peep excessive, because they dare not seek sexual partner aboveboard, it is then in particularly children, domestic person, weak look for object or the satisfaction that seek a gender with abnormal means.
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