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One-night standing causes psychogenic disorder
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A lot of men are in after was tired of insipid matrimony, often hope to be able to meet unexpectedly another paragraph " look very beautiful " one-night standing, and ground of assume sth as a matter of course thinks, off the rails now and then won't bring the consequence with serious what. "Man now and then off the rails, in the effect that mentally causes, the likelihood makes sexual desire drops apparently. " a few days ago, beijing answers dragon to watch doctor of expert of hospital sex psychology, chairman Di Xiaolan tells a reporter so.

In Di Xiaolan's outpatient service, have such case:

Land gentleman of 42 years old works feeling of standard, follow rules, family heart of heavy, responsibility is strong, can says " paradigmatic husband " . Not long ago, go out to play with the friend in the evening, perhaps be alcohol had effect, during he is being drunk befuddledly, attended meal hind additional some " program " , did the business that ought not to do. From this, he was not asleep 3 days continuously become aware, although cherish exceeding and self-condemned mood to the wife honest this thing, however, not only the anguish of mentally was not reduced, still feel the whole body is uncomfortable, suspect oneself were caught venereal. For this, days of whole mind is restless, cannot go to work not only, also cannot live normal sexual life with the wife.

Di Xiaolan explains, land gentleman because one night is tasteful and sudden psychogenic disorder, cause sexual life occurrence problem. Because his perfect psychology is very strong, see reputation morality crucially, do not allow oneself to make a bit fault, exaggerated then the consequence of this incident. Plus disposition too inflexible, too passive, "One-night standing " the small fault that makes easily in other life is compared in his ethic is more unpardonable, cause psychological occurrence error thereby. "Look very beautiful " off the rails now and then, make he cannot do a normal person even.

Di Xiaolan introduces, gentleman resembling land such as a result of " one-night standing " and the thing that causes psychogenic disorder is not scarce. A lot of moment, the man is met overmeasure oneself psychology bears ability, think of the without anybody knowing it " adjust adjust " , can not bring an influence to his life. Did not think of however sometimes psychogenic disorder can hide in life incident, as a bomb, the small error that even if be little,waiting for what you make comes to sheet cause. Off the rails person is light person worry all the day can be discovered by the spouse, should become this matter a disloyal to the spouse forever spot; If land gentleman is general,the person that weigh is met, suffer fully in exceeding and self-condemned mentation not only suffer, cause other and serious consequence possibly still. Accordingly, di Xiaolan reminds, the responsibility of bypass family does not say, become a man " beautiful heart " when ready to do sth, should think oneself can bear first the disastrous effect that off the rails likelihood causes.
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