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Live attentively, take brain to make love
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Page number: [A Hai of 1] Mr   my gentleman works in travel company, often should take a group to go southeast Asia. In the begining, I am a little incommensurate, saying exactly is to not be at ease, although he is not Liu Dehua, but more good-looking than Zhou Jielun, many rich single female tourists, style special bold and unconstrained, classics regular meeting teases him single-handed. Former I do not know, it is him himself to me overall is honest, he says: "I love you, ability is so Achillean, return sth to its owner in good condition! " once, already was midnight much at 12 o'clock, one young surname daughter " medicinal powder guest " the door that will knock at my gentleman, very polite ground lets my gentleman she comes in, think she has what thing to need him to help, the result is not, this guest is to come " complaint " -- the travelling companion with her of the same branch of a family, the man that the group is the same as with another in viatic road produced amour, midnight still stays in the room in her in, she did not stay to go down really, be forced to seek leader of a group... my gentleman is appearing personally call, this female guest blocked him however, smile a thin smile the ground relies on to go: "Not, still let a lover become spouses eventually! Otherwise, I live tonight here... " my gentleman rises hurriedly, orthochromatic but mood politelies decline blandly: "I am sorry, I have a wife! I have a wife!!

Colourful encountering always is doubles, when my gentleman tells me this deformed conte, I pillow is worn his arm 100 fawn on twittering of 1000 tender land. Former I am to have slight repulsion to sexual love, but very strange, listened to a gentleman that evening abroad " adventure " after repeat, I am just as drank potion philtre, excited and unusual, feel he is baby suddenly, hoard as a rare commodity. The person is the animal that has an idea, can gift simple sexual intercourse a lot of envisaging, orangutan won't. My gentleman ever had told to me so a scientific test: Psychologist can'ts bear intentionally into purpose A piece broadcast a flock of gorilla to look, hope they can suffer stimulation, thereby break out is ruttish, but the result makes psychologist to one's great diappointment, gorilla people pay no attention to this, as watching conference news euqally apathetic. My gentleman is an eloquence quite the man of beautiful, he likes taletelling to listen to me, is not the sort of pure naked lovers' prattle, I am fed up with disgusting thing. And this scientific test that he says to me, also no more than is to want to tell me, the mankind makes love too many beautiful things, envisage with respect to what depended on it joining the mankind, have an idea, can recall, it is not simply 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or the time concept of 9 hour. True sex ace, the madam both hands that can let oneself stays have lingering fragrance, when even if works by day, all attentive of gentleman of before also remembering a few months not can self-consciously a certain night and considerate, have the suggestion of the eyes, have body language more add lukewarm, the body was not remembered, have the spirit only touch, all ability can diffuse at each his located corner euqally as scent, at any time deep breathing, can make oneself understanding laughs.
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