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Who manages in the sexual love of screwy female?
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The mankind has sexual desire; The woman also is a person; So the woman also has sexual desire. According to this one 3 simple paragraphs are talked, we can say for certain, the woman has the nature that likes sexual love originally, the view that is fed up with man sex requirement exists far from. However, living in husband and wife is, a lot of when the husband discover, oneself wife is right sexual love not how enthusiastic, when the husband puts forward a gender to ask, often won't get be responsed actively her.

Make love after beginning, when the wife although bore,often make a pair however the about that exert oneself force does it, let the husband feel, she is done so is not for oneself, let the husband get satisfaction however. Though male people is careless, but arrived at the moment, still be good at observation however, be good at fathomming. Then, they are in aeriform in the impression that formed a woman to be fed up with man sex to ask.

Actually, this is a kind of false surface layer phenomenon completely. The woman is not to be fed up with sexual love really, their disgust reacts most is intended or install innocently. The man can say so, feminine idea is to consider really do not appear; Like to had liked, why Where is feign? Say, this still should blame a man.

The society is changed in the male in, all social idea all without exception lay the color with advantageous male. The morality that male place makes is evaluated, it is influential to the female not just, and rise to them have decision effect. In traditional sexual idea the influence falls, the male often is used whether to love a gender to measure a female as the standard. In the depth of their consciousness, what what hide still is " good woman does not like sexual love, do not hope the gender is enjoyed, it is bad woman conversely " such one reads aloud juncture quite. To the good woman in their memory, give " dignified and gentle and quiet " word of praise, the meaning outside Dan Yan is not to praise them however bearing is polite, say them however with duteous control oneself, be no good the thing of illicit sexual relations. This kind of psychology adores female movie star in those among crazy filmgoer, behave most apparently. Those female star are equal to simply in their memory is a Madonna, extremely pure, it is maiden forever, be no good not only male and female thing, even not quite pee. Abroad once had produced such thing, some female star prepares to marry, her filmgoer is very indignant, in her wedding that sky street undertakes demonstration, somebody still attempts to commit suicide even.

And to the bad woman in memory, the male often is used " coquettish " , " lascivious " wait for a vocabulary to describe. The meaning below character is not to praise she is long at sexual love, the act that gets pleasure from inside sexual love to them however expresses to condemn and be despised.

Going up somehow for, this kind of evaluation of the male is equal to the evaluation that is a society. So, this kind of opinion appears before the female with the form of social behavior standard. It is a heart to yearn for sexual behavior very. Before the man, the female also should be behaved gravely as far as possible, missish, put on a pair of about that is without place to know to sexual love, when installing no less than going to actually, more pretend to be cheesed, accept male caress partly compliantly. A series of this performance no more than of the female are in clew male: I am not this kind of bad woman.
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