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Strong madam saves fatigued and weak husband
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The man is strange creature really, at the outset marital Xiao Guang goes after me, because,be self-conscious " make friends with a man of higher position " I, inspired his high-spirited fight. But, after marrying, he or some are self-abased, although he beats dead to also do not admit, because of me " bigger than him, money earns the official more than him " , he just is " small secondary division " , and the sectional manager that I am company of a foreign enterprise. Actually, I also do not mind a bit, more do not feel he is weaker than me, contrary, think he is my pride all the time. However, in intercourse circumstance and midnight time, this kind of his self-abased feeling that perhaps did not realize even him himself is exposed can impenetrably come out. Once, we attend a clique to be opposite, usually, husband of this kind of dinner party can hide, can be a relatively relaxed family bender this, so he is forced " risk one's life accompanies gentleman " . We just take a seat, a blamed attendant walks over, very courteous Fu private parts is sticking the ear of my husband to say: "Gentleman, I am sorry, department baseplate is in 5! " the complexion of my husband is extremely ugly at that time, before he has not broken out, I hurry rescue sb from a siege: "You can joke really, he is my gentleman! " this detail, my husband all the time be troubled and Yu Huai, also be he declines accompany me to go out the evadable with the most serious dinner party.

And the sexual life side that is reflected in the husband and wife in night, also be 3 fold. When remembering first marriage, he active and pioneering spirit is dye-in-the-wood, very enterprising, almost nocturnal night playing and singing, dawn dawns and cut down. Once, I ask him: "The energy that which come to? " his answer: "Do you know to ascend the joy of Mount Everest acme? " he is a man that love beats not to agree to be defeated, so the madam became the battleground of a cent of world of the conquer in his night, look in him, conquered especially picture I have so too much mad bee billow butterfly of angle alleged " female strong person " . For a time, he likes to knocking the door to ask for in a low voice outside bedroom door: "Empress Majesty, can I go in? " next, below my permission, his a sudden big stride forward rushs, have wallop very much. More self-confident, he can speak more, come to me make do when empress, finally is empress disarm surrenders of course.

But do not know, from when to begin, perhaps be after 32 years old, I do not listen to call me empress to him gradually, at first I think he is to play be bored with play of this kind of part, just know later, he writtens guarantee purposely. That day, I come back late a bit, some are ashamed, decide " well reward with food and drink " him. After bathing, I cry in the bathroom: "Empress went out of the bath! Come over to help... " want to be less than his gas to make a din ping come in, say coldly: "I am not your eunuch! " how? I am to indissoluble very, is this he loves to play so? When night, although I am very active, we also made love, but, he is behaved very break level, and love war involuntarily. I think he is tired, it is my try to make sb do sth which he can't do. But, two 3... later, I begin to suspect, whether did the husband have disloyalty. But, after scouting through, I discover, he is off the rails fall, however he had secret trouble. An eldest sister that pursues psychological research tells me, the abnormality of my husband " the gender is behaved " come from at a kind of aeriform pressure, and this pressure source is me, especially when a man faces middleaged crisis to approach, some people can appear a kind of symptom that is similar to woman the turn of life, appear easily in sexual life the state that index of confidence of a state of extreme nervousness of a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound falls. Of the madam " strong position " more apparent, to him " sexual intimidate " fiercer...
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