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Is there a meaning very much after making love how to do?
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Ask: I am a man of 28 years old, marry 3 years, have coital history 6 years. After discovery and sweetheart make love every time now, I feel to do not have a meaning very much; Seem to did not get satisfaction far, have empty feeling only, sometimes I aux would rather masturbation also does not want to make love with the sweetheart, think of outside seek a woman, feel to I am sorry again sweetheart, how should I do?



Exclude account of emotive of husband and wife, you this kind of circumstance is not scarce, the reason has a lot of, for example:

1) because our Oriental is right the traditional and ashamed feeling of sexual life is very heavy, take the joy of sexual life and value seriously insufficient, lack innovates and develop, the new interest between husband and wife passes, have bit of routine business, always " same place, same time, same pose, same act " , feel natural wearily and be born; And sexual psychology all along of the person loves the new and loathe the old, the sexual life that does not have new idea is lentic apparently one pool; So " the gender is happy " be not is initiative and come, need us to do it study, exploration.

2) two average per capita lack husband and wife skill of necessary sexual knowledge, sex, the communication that lacks sexual respect especially is communicated; For example some females do not experience orgasm for a long time, be ashamed at the mouth, meet to the enthusiasm of sexual life for a long time subsidise, the sex that affects the man is contented. The man faces this kind of situation, must try to call the sexual desire of the wife, notice both sides is collective and happy the purpose that just is sexual life.

3) wrong sexual idea; Always think sexual life is equal to sexual intercourse for example, do not know to be touched each other, the foreplay such as stimulation, hind the action of play, cannot experience sexual life with relaxed and happy libertinism mood; Long-term since " sexual = reproduction " the effect that the idea also is having exert a subtle influence on sb's character. Etc.

Through changing a spouse this is planted means is cannot solve a problem at all, the likelihood still is met more disappointed. Need makes corresponding adjustment in the light of his particular case.

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