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The sex on the most flagrant bed is tired
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Page number: [1]   is in the romantic the head of a bed of 2 people of husband and wife, having a thing is most let both sides cannot be borne, that is lazy, if lazy cannot get effecting a radical cure, grow this, stay between heart of happy husband and wife finally, be afraid regretted only.

The head of a bed resembles cockpit, long of classics battlefield veteran, hard to avoid can feel tired, but, not with tired begin for reason war-weary, want to know, the gun is to use cleverer more.

And bed play resembles wine however, ought to as 2 people be familiar with and tacit, and become sweeter and sweeter mellow.

Husband and wife two once decided long-term sex and marriage,concern, get along as a result of days two people are whole one room, generation of hard to avoid is familiar with too is cheesed mood even, this makes bilateral sexual relationship becomes dim at a draught rise.

Cope with the manner with this kind of lazy languid, best method is the sexual interest that accost of try every means has him, it is action of floret making fun of a dot even, let the other side become lively rise.

Can put on one to offer the double back chair that two people of husband and wife take only designedly indoors, this can regard the chair as only you of the pastime of 2 people with, make the bottom of the chair so ceaseless that shake shake, subsequently your mood also becomes relaxed and happy.

One have leisure, the rocking chair that lets you serves as your memorandum, in reminding you to live, be short of what to break. Can not look down upon this action, as you two often sit together fellow is ground, intimate nature can regain former position slowly.

Still have a good method, that is by you two people contain a sex program, make love every time 4 or 5 days ago, had planned program, he of careless of so as to save gives not carefully again forgot, or it is to find out a variety of reason prevaricate to drop.

Such since, you can be among 2 people make a kind of nervous sense, await appointment and " be at war " the day will be become the most provoking, when the love husband that it may surpass you goes up to lift a gun to do a club to must be challenged to you to you in the head of a bed.

Every time awaits, every time the head of a bed encounters, you can search a kind of small Bie Shengxin the feeling of marriage, or it is to feel spending an another passionate honeymoon.

Still have another a kind of methods, chinese archaism has " leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards " say, was opposite, he is not outfit is foolish, is he forgetful? Ok, I also forgot, I pretend had lost in the life make love this one content, who to see be not carried, the man that waits for you is unable to bear or endure when libidinal torment, does foam just blame not excited Detubai in his mouth?

Once 2 people of husband and wife arise to be familiar with too, it is cheesed mood even, at this moment, you must not be given misdirect disgustedly by this kind, actually, the cheesed likelihood of 2 people just comes from the little room that gives at escaping everyday, small kitchen, cubicle, because, is not you, want to change a brand-new location only, for instance respecting field goes, search a few times to be able to call out the opportunity that returns bilateral and romantic mood, from basin of gourd ladle of past boiler bowl the disengagement in coma life comes out, 2 people of husband and wife will rediscovery, what is what the other side attracts him after all.
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