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Can the vagina and penis match
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The relation of female vulva structure and sexual life, there is a special report recently, the sexual function that the conclusion that reach is female vulva construction and female does not have how old relation, sexual function of the female basically is decided by psychological element, is not decide by physiology construction.

About female vagina whether the question that matchs with male penis photograph. Also a lot of maid care very much. At ordinary times the female's vagina is long have 7, 12 centimeter, width can hold two finger, vaginal wall has a lot of infestation knit a wall, have bigger retractility and flexibility.

Deepness of the vagina when excitement increases 1/3, width also can increase, won't appear commonly so the phenomenon that the organ does not match. The man that we often can see the figure is tall has the wife of a delicate and exquisite, and their sexual life also is same tune; A lot of different and phyletic people on the world are same also OK marriage, bear; The diameter when the female labors amounts to the fetal head of 10 centimeter to also can pass the vagina, these can make vagina of female of our have visions of has how old acceptance quality, so your concern in this respect is to be done not have completely necessary.

The nocturnal woman of newly-married appears to because psychological insecurity, experience is scant,wait for other factor to guide mostly sorely case, with organic itself be without what immediate impact commonly.

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