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Minor illicit sexual relations young female phenomenon!
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Precious precious of 13 years old is in all the time school live read, person of the classics at the beginning of this year introduces, with big boy of 17 years old Wang Mou is acquainted. Detested already live the precious precious that reads the life is eager to finding the sense that come home, taking that day replace the dress to arrive Wang Mou's of short duration is domiciliary, both sides lives together together. But beyond of precious precious expect is, wang Mou is suspected of illicit sexual relations accordingly not full of 14 one full year of life young female and offend on lawsuit. After case hair, king be locked up, twice the parents of be accompanying Wang Mou arrives precious precious the detention house sends thing to Wang Songqian, express to be missed very much to the court king, hope to release him at an early date.

Ying Ying of 13 years old and precious precious are having almost identical experience. However, after public security mechanism looks for Ying Ying to know details of a case, ying Ying told guilty suspect Chang Mou immediately however. Chang Mou hears the news escape to Chengdu in one kin home, ying Ying with " wife " name wrote more than 10 love letter to give Chang Mou, place oneself Sai Lian.

Precious precious and Ying Ying are not clear, oneself had been the victim of criminality.

The reporter understands from court of brake north district, this year first half of the year, the illicit sexual relations that this courtyard accepts young female case rises substantially, was last year annual 1.3 times of this kinds of case. In this kind of case, the injured party and the accused person are minor, the leave school after the accused National People's Congress fastens junior high school to graduate before long the personnel that do not have course of study, source of income relies on parents; The injured party controls for 923 years old more in school woman student. These young female to judiciary processing this kind of case does not understand, feel disgusted even. They think, the old people such as teacher, parent already did not know person of their this generation, although the age is small, but what think of place to want to already surmounted an adult to be known to theirs for certain.

With not full 14 years old young female same, those are full already 16 years old, not full the limit that guilty suspect of 18 years old also does not understand blame and blame pain. Person of very much minor the accused is offerred say, they had talked when junior high school reads " love " , ate forbidden fruit secretly with the girlfriend. But little imagine " girlfriend " not full 14 one full year of life, this forbidden fruit is difficult the following pharynx.

A data shows, teenage sexual maturity time already shifted to an earlier date apparently. Still the expert thinks, popular books and TV especially the exposure in kinescope goods camera lens, "Inspire " move sexual consciousness of the child, stimulating the child again " sexual precocity " , but girl of 923 years old a few protects consciousness and ability to sexual ego very poor.
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